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Covid Vaccine. Second or third trimester?

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I wanted to postpone the vaccine until the third trimester. But now, with the change of the mask mandate in the UK, it might have to anticipate it.

I am scared though. Did anyone have bad experiences taking the vaccine in the second trimester?

(Even the NHS flu vaccine is only received at 28 weeks..)

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I can’t report on experiences but just to add the flu jab can be taken in any trimester xx

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Rex2021 in reply to Purpledoggy

Thank you. Mine said it would have it later for some reason. But I will ask

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Rex2021 in reply to Rex2021

I asked and the reason for this is because the clinic doesn't have the flu vaccine in stock. The next stock will be received only in September-October.

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Purpledoggy in reply to Rex2021

Ah that makes sense. My clinic’s is late November! Boots have opened flu vaccine appointments (and so free NHS ones if entitled) so if you wanted to try for an earlier one it’s an option, though I think Sept is earliest. Just keep a minimum of 7 days clear from COVID jab. Weirdly, it is impossible to find the booking page on the Boots site but if you do a Google search you can find it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Xx

Hey I've had both my Covid vaccines at 21 and 27 weeks and had zero side effects. My arm hurt at the injection site for a day or two but nothing worse than expected.

I definitely had my flu jab earlier that 28 weeks though and on the nhs website it says the flu vaccine is safe at any stage during pregnancy so you might want to check with your midwife if you can get out.

I definitely had my flu jab before my 12 week scan and had my whooping cough vaccine at 16 weeks. Are you sure you don't mean the Anti-D injection? I know they give you that at 28 weeks.

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Rex2021 in reply to Seb9

I asked and the reason for this is because the clinic doesn't have the flu vaccine in stock. The next stock will be received only in September-October because flu vaccine changes every year in order to adapt to new variants.

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Seb9 in reply to Rex2021

Oh that makes more sense, I think they were still doing them in January/ February time when I had mine as that would be in still in flu season I expect.

Hopefully that puts your mind at ease a bit that it's not just because you've got to wait till 28 weeks in pregnancy to get it xx

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Omlettepuddle in reply to Seb9

May I ask how you got your covid jabs so close together? I thought you had to wait 8-12 weeks?

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Seb9 in reply to Omlettepuddle

I think it was purely because the treatment centre I was going to was stopping doing the vaccines as they were going back to their normal roles.I got booked on on the last day they were doing vaccines at the site. No other reason really. They said I'd reached the minimum time between doses so it was fine to have my second.

I had my first dose at 14 weeks and had no side effects except for my arm feeling stiff for one day, not so different from vaccines I've had earlier in life. I'm at 19 weeks now, and scheduled for the second dose at 22 weeks. I especially wanted to be fully vaccinated before the third trimester since COVID-19 seems most dangerous for the baby then.

Would it be possible to reduce the time between the 2 doses in the UK? My brother received the vaccine in another country and he only had to wait 3 weeks to receive the second.

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Purpledoggy in reply to Rex2021

It depends on what services are in your area. My GP agreed I should have a reduced interval due to personal risk but as the surgery was no longer doing them he couldn’t help and said to try 119. 119 only have the same access you do with the online system. It would be worth asking your GP if you want to shorten it to see what they can do Xx

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Rex2021 in reply to Purpledoggy

thank you for your advice!

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roxannacar in reply to Rex2021

It was previously 3 months in the UK to try and vaccinate as many as possible. The suggested interval is now 8 weeks because it gives better protection than the 3 week regime.

I had my first one at 19 weeks. I only got a sore arm and everything was looking fine at the 20 week scan. My second will be at 27 weeks. I decided to get it as cases were on the rise and wanted as much protection as possible in the 3rd trimester.

I got told you can’t get a flu vaccine until September when flu clinics open. I had whooping cough at 20 weeks.


The most informed advice I had on the covid jab in pregnancy was to delay getting it if I could in the first trimester (just because most of the evidence so far focuses on outcomes of vaccination in later pregnancy and I’m not at high risk of exposure) and to try and have both doses before the third trimester because that is when it is particularly dangerous to have covid. But overall the vaccine is safer than covid in any stage in pregnancy.

The flu vaccine is very well evidenced as safe at any stage but it’s seasonally available so timing it for a particular stage in pregnancy is not really possible or particularly beneficial.

That’s the summary of what I was told when I asked (repeatedly) health professionals to advise and it makes a lot of sense to me. I had my first one just after the 12 week scan. Just had my 20 week scan and all is good. I am looking to have my second jab soon so I’m as protected as possible before the third trimester.


I had my Pfizer vaccines at 18 and 25 weeks. A slightly dead arm the day after, but no worse effects. Am v.glad I did as feel much safer being out and about being double jabbed! Almost 28 week now, baby reassuringly active.

Good luck in your choice :-)

My wife got her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at around 38 weeks of pregnancy. She delivered a healthy baby boy in a couple of weeks from then. She got her second dose two days ago.

We would have opted for a much earlier date but a couple of months ago, the guidelines were not clear and our local GP was useless in giving proper information.

The only side effects were flu like feeling but a few paracetamols seemed to do the job to make them go away.

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Seb9 in reply to albsev

Congratulations on your baby boy 😍

I had first jab in 2nd trimester, 2nd jab in very start of 3rd trimester, no side effects at all. Our hospital offers the flu jab at 16 weeks. Personally, I’m was far more worried about catching covid (especially when I’m hospital for appointments and delivery) than having the vaccine.

Which vaccine did you get hun? I’m having first dose of Pfizer tomorrow at 37 weeks and a bit anxious 🥺xx glad to hear you didn’t have symptoms!

I had Pfizer. My husband had the AZ vaccine the same day and had to spend 24 hours in bed! I was fine with the Pfizer. Drink plenty of water before and after to stay well hydrated, I think this helps with any potential headaches or fatigue x

A friend of mine suggested I should listen to Women's Hour today on BBC4 which addressed the vaccination issue in pregnancy. Several doctors participated in it. Will do it soon.

I took my first vaccine at 16 weeks pregnant was ok only a bit of pain the second day which was same with my husband and my sister, am awaiting to take the second one by July ending. My doctors said was okay to take it.

Thank you. I will do the same next week.

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