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37 weeks pregnant - Pfizer vaccine- thoughts?

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Hello ladies,

I’ve finally found the courage to book my first dose of Pfizer vaccine for Saturday, when I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant. It’s been a hard decision because after much pondering on its safety or not, for both me and my baby girl, the truth is: I don’t know if it’s safe. My consultant says it is, the evidence from the US says no adverse reactions were recorded on those 100,000 women who did it….and he also said that if I fall sick with high temperature the baby is not at risk because we can take her out sooner than planned (which is at 39 weeks).

I’m still scared though. It took me sooooo much pain and effort and luck to get where I am with this pregnancy, that I’m scared of making the wrong decision.

Is there anyone who did the Pfizer during the third trimester who can share their experience please?

Thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️Xx

44 Replies
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37 weeks and 3 days. Had the Moderna vaccine a few weeks ago and all ok. Having second dose on 20th. Good luck, not long now, whatever u decide xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Orangeflowers

Thanks hun! So glad all is well with you and the baby xxx

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Msze in reply to Orangeflowers

Me too! But with Pfizer- same exact dates too! I’m 38 weeks now.

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Orangeflowers in reply to Msze

All the best - very close for us now xx

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Just in case this helps to reassure you: nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/n...

Completed pregnancies were mostly in those who had the jab in third trimester, with no increase in problems relative to before the pandemic.


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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Purpledoggy

Thanks lovely, this does reassure me! 😃xxx hope you’re well?

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Purpledoggy in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

I’m good thank you 🙂 still in the fun stages of nausea that always requires eating pretzels at 4am 😂 Hope all goes well with your jab and you escape with minimal side effects! I’m having mine at 13 and 21 weeks, so got a few weeks to wait yet for the first one xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Purpledoggy

Oh dear- you know what: my nausea has come back first trimester like 🙈so now I can’t eat either lol what a journey!! Good to hear you’re having the jab too, we’re going towards another wave and I do feel scared to get it, either before or after delivery 😱fingers crossed it’s the right decision xxx keep well hun! X

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Purpledoggy in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

Oh bless you! Not what you need right now! At least it’s only a couple of weeks til bubs is out. You must be so excited! Xx

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Purpledoggy

More scared than excited 😱😍and I still don’t believe it’s real 😂😂😂what does IVF do to us right? Lol x

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Fingers crossed it will be ok. Xx

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Hi Tough Cookie! It’s been a while since I was in here but just happened to read your post and can remember you from another forum! Congrats on your pregnancy - you are so close now!!

So, had the Pfizer vaccine in third trimester and also had a long journey to get pregnant - I went through the same worries as you about the vaccine.

But I had no adverse affects after at all. I’m no medical professional but there didn’t seem to be any impact on baby. He was born at 37 weeks but that was an emergency c section due to pre-eclampsia not anything else. He is a week old tomorrow

It definitely takes a leap of faith with any decision you make but you’ll make the right one for you! All the best with the birth of your baby!! X

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Cassie_56

Hi Cassie! Yes I do remember you too 😃congratulations on becoming a mommy! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳omg he’s a week old 😍how amazing is that! Yes it’s definitely a leap of faith, I hope I’m making the right decision 🙈it’s the first time in my life that I feel so indecisive about making a decision ….fingers crossed 🤞🏻 enjoy motherhood xxxx

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I would say to wait until you’ve had the baby before you get the vaccine. This vaccine is still in its trial phase - meaning we don’t know if it’s safe. Please go and have a look at the yellow card scheme on the gov.co.uk website. Shows all adverse reactions reported. Also, to date in the UK over 4000 women have reported issues with their periods since having it. I personally know 3 ladies who have had the vaccine and come on their period a few days later - one has been through menopause- hasn’t had a period for 4 years but come on her period after getting the vaccine. Look, I’m not against vaccines what I don’t like is our government and medical industry making out it is 100% safe. When it isn’t. We need to stop blindly trusting the vaccine manufacturers when they have made massive mistakes countless times. Please just wait until you’ve had your baby before you have this vaccine. I’ve attached some image stills of news headlines involving some of the things I’ve mentioned. 😁

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Purpledoggy in reply to Motherliverpool

Literally no one has made out the COVID vaccine is 100% safe (or indeed any vaccine). Not RCOG, not JCVI, not the government, not NHS, no one. There is no such thing as a 100% safe vaccine and you will never find a credible medical professional that will swear to you otherwise. But when considering the risks of a vaccine they absolutely must be weighed up against the disease they protect against, not in isolation. The risks of COVID to a woman in her third trimester far outweigh the risks of the COVID vaccine based on the data we have so far. As we get more data there will undoubtedly sadly be sporadic cases of severe side effects of the vaccine - every single vaccine known to man has them. But we already know pregnant women suffer more severely with COVID in their third trimester with a significant risk of pre-term birth.

If you struggle with this concept, consider car seatbelts - if you are in a car crash, you can suffer some pretty nasty burns and other injuries from the seatbelt, and there are rare cases of seatbelts causing really severe injuries like paralysis that may have been worse than the effects from the crash itself. Does that mean we should be telling everyone driving a car to stop wearing them? Or my father's favourite analogy - there are reports of people having been hit by cars while walking on the pavement. Does that mean we should tell everyone to walk in the road because pavements are not 100% safe?

If you choose not to have the vaccine then that is your choice, but please stop trying to convince others not to have it when you don't understand how to weigh up risks against benefits.

Motherliverpool profile image
Motherliverpool in reply to Purpledoggy

I am not trying to convince anyone not to have it - I am simply stating the facts. This vaccine is still in its trial phase and we won’t know the damage it has done until the trial phase is complete, which I believe will be in 2023. You only have to look at the yellow card scheme (on our own governments website) and read the concerning side effects a lot of people have reported and are experiencing. I’m not talking about a high temperature and a mild headache. Im talking about very scary reactions, reactions I would not like to experience - especially when pregnant. A vaccine usually takes between 5-15 years to go through all the relevant safety checks and testing before it is then administered to the public. This one has been rushed through and administered to the public within a 8 month period of the pandemic starting. The reason I bring up the swine flu vaccine is because that was also rushed through the relevant safety checks and as a result 60 NHS staff had some form of brain damage and received millions of pounds from the government. I would say don’t just make your decision based on safety information provided to you by government/big pharma paid doctors and media platforms. When it comes toYour Heath and the health of your baby research extensively - and then come to your own conclusion.

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Natasha213 in reply to Motherliverpool

Finally!! X

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Purpledoggy in reply to Motherliverpool

“I would say to wait until you’ve had the baby before you get the vaccine” “Please just wait until you’ve had your baby before you have this vaccine” “I am not trying to convince anyone not to have it”. Mmmhmm 😂

Motherliverpool profile image
Motherliverpool in reply to Purpledoggy

... and what are you trying to do? You are trying to encourage people to take it. What’s the difference?

Purpledoggy profile image
Purpledoggy in reply to Motherliverpool

At no point have I told anyone they should or should not have it. The OP said she was going to have it and I shared the paper on current findings for pregnant women as reassurance, and discussed how to weigh up risks against benefit in response to you. I appreciate that you don’t understand the difference, which is why I challenged your comment in the first place. No one should be telling anyone on here what they should and should not do WRT taking a vaccine.

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Seb9 in reply to Motherliverpool

You're giving misleading information to people though for example telling people that they should refer to the yellow card system as a way seeing the side effects of the vaccine. When even the yellow card system itself tells you it's not too be used for that and that many of the symptoms reported might not have any relation to having the vaccine. If you read through the symptoms that have been reported, many are not at rates any higher than what's seen in the normal population.

This is taken from the yellow card site and explains what it is used for and why you shouldn't use the reporting as proven side effects of the vaccine.

Is so worrying to me that people don't understand what or how this system is used and think that it's a legitimate way to see what the side effects are of something.

What is a Yellow Card?

The Yellow Card scheme is a mechanism by which anybody can voluntarily report any suspected adverse reactions or side effects to the vaccine. It is very important to note that a Yellow Card report does not necessarily mean the vaccine caused that reaction or event. We ask for any suspicions to be reported, even if the reporter isn’t sure if it was caused by the vaccine. Reports to the scheme are known as suspected adverse reactions (ADRs). Many suspected ADRs reported on a Yellow Card do not have any relation to the vaccine or medicine and it is often coincidental that they both occurred around the same time. The reports are continually reviewed to detect possible new side effects that may require regulatory action, and to differentiate these from things that would have happened regardless of the vaccine or medicine being administered, for instance due to underlying or undiagnosed illness. It is therefore important that the suspected ADRs described in this report are not interpreted as being proven side effects of COVID-19 vaccines. A list of the possible side effects of COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer/BioNTech, COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca and COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna are provided in the product information document for healthcare professionals and the UK recipient information. These can also be found on the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site.

If you want some more information or data about what the yellow card system has established so far. It shows that most of the reported side effects are minimal, some have been found to be unrelated etc.


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Mcra in reply to Seb9

Motherliverpool, this article explains why covid vaccine was developed in less than a year, and why it's a bad thing that other vaccines take so much longer: theconversation.com/less-th...

Also, if you think Big Pharma is bad, does that mean you refuse other medicines? Because for pharmaceutical companies it's the medicines for chronic diseases like diabetes or heart conditions that are the moneymakers.

If you read a leaflet for any medicine at home, it will list some very rare, but awful possible side effects. Paracetamol which is considered one of the most safe painkillers, safe even in pregnancy, is no exception. And that's if taken correctly. An overdose of paracetamol can lead to a liver failure and death.

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NewMom1982 in reply to Motherliverpool

Well said!!! I totally see your point of view and didn’t see your post as you trying to mislead or convince anyone of not taking the vaccine if they want too. It was a good topic to bring up, thanks. Congrats on your baby also and happy delivery. 🥳

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Hi some good replies here and also a completely random sensationalist headline about the swine flu 😏. I hope you are feeling clearer!

One thing I would say is that my strong preference to have the vaccine in pregnancy is because some of my antibodies will also benefit my baby’s immune system and give him some protection from covid in those early early months. There’s so many hospital visits and medical staff involved in those last few months in pregnancy and shortly after the birth, that the risk of infection is higher in my view. So anything to give them and you a little protection seems like a win-win.

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I had Moderna at 36 weeks and was totally fine, baby is now 3 weeks and healthy and happy! Consultant said 36/37 weeks is perfect timing to pass antibodies on to baby so that made my decision easier and hopefully she has some protection now!

ToughCOOKIE78 profile image
ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Dmw1984

I’m so glad to hear that 😃congrats on becoming a mum xxx

Msze profile image
Msze in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

You too!

Msze profile image

I got pfizer at 36.5 weeks and going for second next week on the 20th!

ToughCOOKIE78 profile image
ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Msze

How did you feel after hun? I’m hoping to not have any high temperature as my consultant said it could get me into labour 🙈😱xx

Msze profile image
Msze in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

No symptoms at all after first! I’ll let you know after my second on the 20th! I personally will feel so relieved (and lucky) that my baby will also be vaccinated. Especially with the new Delta variant that seems to be impacting babies and children more.

ToughCOOKIE78 profile image
ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Msze

That’s great so happy for you 😃fingers crossed I won’t have any as well 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Yes I was thinking re the baby xxx

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I ended up in spontaneous labour at 35 weeks and was offered that vaccine but I refused to have it whilst pregnant but that’s personal choice. As soon as I had by baby I took it. My daughter took years to conceive I wasn’t risking adding any more obstacles to her arriving safely. I just choose to isolate pretty much the whole oh my pregnancy. Make the right decision for you I don’t think there is a right or wrong x

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Hey, I am currently 37 weeks too and had my first jab (Pfizer) about a month ago. I didn’t have any adverse reaction. Hoping it will be all fine. x

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to HayB

Oh that’s great to hear! Hope it will be the same for me xx

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I've had both my jabs now and am currently 31 weeks, didn't have any fever or side effects with either shot. I took my temperature a couple times to check as well and had paracetamol at the ready, but didn't need it. My arm was a bit sore at the injection site for a day or two but nothing worse that the flu or whooping cough jab.

Had a scan a growth at 28 weeks and everything looks good abs have another one next week, baby is kicking away and we're both doing well.

ToughCOOKIE78 profile image
ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Seb9

So happy to hear Seb! 😃xx

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I had my first dose of Pfizer few weeks ago, and will have a second at the end of the month when I'll be around 30 weeks (still need to book exact date as I'm away from home right now).I understand the worry though, I get worried taking any medicine while pregnant. Like for some previous posters my reasons to take the vaccine in pregnancy are:

- higher risk of complications of catching Covid in a third trimester;

- the fact that my baby will benefit from the vaccine by getting some of the antibodies.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! It must be so exciting to know you'll soon meet your little one ☺️

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Mcra

Thank you hun, glad it went well for you! Did you have any symptoms after the jab? Yes 2 weeks to go until we meet our princess so exciting 😍💖…and scary 😂xx

Mcra profile image
Mcra in reply to ToughCOOKIE78

I only had sore arm for a day. So I hope it also won't be bad after second dose 🙂

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It’s 100% an individuals choice but I am 40 weeks pregnant and I haven’t had the jab. In my opinion it is a trial no one knows if it is safe or not during pregnancy as no one knows if it’s safe not in pregnancy and what adverse side effects can pop up at any time whether it be days, weeks or years after. This article just shows it’s a trial and they are monitoring baby’s development until their 1 😕

Seb9 profile image
Seb9 in reply to Gems85

It says on your photo that the trial is to see what the best gap is between doses. So this particular trial is nothing to do with side effects and more to do with which gap between doses makes the vaccine more effective in pregnancy. All the vaccines have already gone through their safety trials which is why the ones which are being used have been rolled out for use.

The article you've shared goes on to say, they're hoping it gives woman the confidence to get the vaccine and that the majority of pregnant woman being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 are unvaccinated. You may still be able to get your first dose in pregnancy if you called to book it soon, but otherwise you could look to get out booked in as soon as you can after birth to get yourself protected. Best of luck for a happy healthy rest of your pregnancy xx

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Jess1981 in reply to Seb9

The royal college of midwives and obstetricians are now recommending pregnant women to get vaccinated. I had my first vaccination days before I conceived and was unsure whether to have my second vaccination in pregnancy ( 11 weeks pregnant) but having spoken to my obstetrician a few weeks ago ( high risk pregnancy due to late loss at 20 weeks pregnant) I feel more confident that having the vaccination when I'm in my second trimester is safer for us both than me getting Covid in my pregnancy. I also have my 2 year old daughter to consider being around for her and I don't fancy shielding the whole pregnancy. Although obviously I will still take precautions even after another vaccination as advised. There is too much scaremongering out there with vaccinations. Xx

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What did you do at the end? Did you take the vaccine?

ToughCOOKIE78 profile image
ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Firsttimee

Yes I did, first dose on 17th July and I gave birth on the 30th. All is well, both baby and ne are doing great. Have the second dose on 17th September. I’m happy I have made this choice!

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