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Is this a faint line?

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Hi so I took this pregnancy test and I’m not sure if it is a faint line or not I took a digital one a few days later and it says not pregnant so if someone could maybe tell me what they think on if it’s a faint line or not?

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It can be really hard with these because of the blue dye. Maybe best trying a different brand and testing again in few days.

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Texas12 in reply to RainbowSunx

Does it look like it’s a faint line though? cause if not I’m just just wait it out and see if I get my period

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RainbowSunx in reply to Texas12

If you haven't had your period it would have been too early for a digital test to pick up. Your best testing again in few days or wait till after missed period and test.

I think its negative. Could've been an extra blue dye smudged. Best to try it again after 2-3 days

It looks like a faulty test to me where the dye has run. I would discard this one and take a link dye test as these don't run or the save issue with evaporation lines.

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Texas12 in reply to Seb9

I took another one kinda bad quality but what do you think

I took another one
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Seb9 in reply to Texas12

I don't think the picture is clear enough to make a judgement on it. I wouldn't like to make a call on it. I would take another test with your first urine of the day. If you do another one tomorrow and you're pregnant the line should get clearer as you get more hormone in your body. I would recommend a pink dye test as they're easier to read or a digital one that says pregnant or not pregnant.

Looks like the dye has run. I would wait it out xx

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