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Polyhydramnios - looking stories and reassurance

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Hello I've been told by my consultant that I have polyhydramnios...I'm 29+3 and AFI was 22 on my notes but don't know if this is mild or severe...have had GTT and was negative. Have another scan in two weeks to recheck...anyone been through this and have any advice? Worried mum here😔

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Good morning,

I had Polyhydramnios in my fourth pregnancy. My first test for diabetes was negative but was retested and it was positive. I struggled with the extra weight of the water but I also had pgp so that didn't help with walking. I already knew I was having a c-section as I had one previously, they estimated baby would be 10lbs+ if I went to 40 weeks, he wad born via c-section at 38+1 and weighed 8lb 2, after he was born he straight away had a tube passed down to his stomach to check for blockages and was given the all clear. I had extra scans and saw the consultant more often, but they never did find any reason for the Polyhydramnios other than the diabetes.

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Thanks so much for your reply...this is my third pregnancy and never had anything like this before so it's worrying. Will be redoing my GTT in a few weeks I think but I did read that in about 50-60% of cases there is no reason for it. Most threads I've read all turns out ok and the baby is fine which is really reassuring but will be a long 10 weeks until the baby is here.

Please try not to worry! I had mild poly which was then found to be moderate at 38 weeks and they insisted I was induced at that point. No real reason for the poly at all. They measured my baby as 9.5lbs at 38 weeks. I gave birth at 39 weeks to a perfect little 8lb3oz baby. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy, it’s not usually anything too scary :) xxx

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Thanks so much for replying...I was so scared when they said it to me yesterday thinking the absolute worst that something was going to be wrong with my baby but I am trying to be a bit more rational now and not allow it to take over the rest of my pregnancy. Glad yours worked out well...gives me hope😊

I had gestational diabetes and had polyhydramnios at 30 weeks. I totally panicked and google did not help! I spoke to my consultant and she reassured me that mild polyhydramnios shouldn't be a cause for concern and was more common than you think. I had an additional scan at 35 weeks and the fluid had gone back to normal levels. By the time baby was born at 38 weeks, the fluid had stayed at normal levels and was nothing to worry about after all. If the midwives or consultants are worried about it, they'll give you lots of advice on how to manage it and what to do if you go into labour.

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Thanks so much for replying, it definitely is scary when your told and Google is absolutely not your friend🙈 think I was just a bit overwhelmed when I was told but I have another scan in 2 weeks and have a list of questions to ask now I'm more informed...hoping the consultant provides me with some reassurance

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