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Help with baby constipation

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My baby just turned 9 months. I give her 3 meals a day along with breast milk. I am Observing from few days she strains when she poops, like her face gets red and her eyes become wet. I will hold her legs up against her chest like a squat position so she can poop. Although some days she does not poop and next day she will have a large poop. Any help or suggestions to help ease her digestion will be appreciated, anyone in the same boat as mine ?

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Are you giving her water with the meals?

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Sqaqua in reply to Chloe0789

I am giving her water after every meals and in between meals. I gave her pear and green apple purée mixed with cerelac and she pooped. Although that’s happening everyday, I can see everyday she passes poop with great difficulty

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Chloe0789 in reply to Sqaqua

Tesco do puréed prunes, try half a pouch for puddings

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Sqaqua in reply to Chloe0789

I will get that and try .. hoping it gets better.. she is pooping everyday but needs a bit of help like holding her sit in a squat position for few mins .. yest she didn’t poop and this morning she pooped again same red face and tears eyes poor baby

My little got a little bit constipated on solids. Water with meals and try an apple or prune purée, shoots right out 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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Sqaqua in reply to Danijay

I have not tried prune purée I will try.. everyday she is passing poop with great difficulty.. I give her water in between meals

Hi we had the same issue - breastfed baby suddenly became constipated after a few months on solids. We tried all the natural remedies (prunes etc) but ended up needing to get some movicol prescribed by the GP. He stayed on it for about 6 months or so until we were able to wean him off & now he has no issues at all. I personally believe he just needed that helping hand while his body got used to digesting solids. If it doesn’t improve for your little one I’d suggest seeing the GP as it’s a really common problem & very easily treated x

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Sqaqua in reply to Sar_83

Ah glad all got alright! Thanks for sharing your experience definitely will look out for it

Warm water and Ella's kitchen puree pouch at the end of meal. Or warm water + lemon

My baby had same problem, after i had to change routine ( loads of milk and water between meals and during meals)and also brand of milk(for unknown reason didn't suit him anymore)so we found Kendamil brand helped him a lot with it when other brands that we tried like hipp, aptamil and c&g and it didn't improve.Eventually we managed to get out from constipation problem.

We’ve been having the same problem with our 14 month old, we’ve now been prescribed sachets to dissolve in water which will soften her poo making it easier I pass. Really hoping it works as it’s horrible seeing her straining and in pain 😫

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Sqaqua in reply to Rabbit88

Ah I can feel for you.. my baby just does not eat well at such times not even a spoon of her favourite food. I will have to distract her with some toys and feed her which is not a very good thing

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