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Pregnancy cosmetics


Hello, I'm just 5 weeks and been advised by a nurse from a fertility clinic to check my cosmetics as not all suitable for pregnacy. I've started googling it and got terrified as it is much more complicated than I thought. Does anyone have a good, simple advice of what to use and what not to use? Help much appreciated!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤰🏼❤️

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I would totally ignore her, I think if there was any evidence about comestics causing issues in pregnancy it would be on the NHS or NCT or other credible websites and if it was really important your midwife would discuss it with you if it was something you actually had to take into consideration, like giving up smoking, drinking, not eating soft cheeses etc. Such a minimal amount of any cosmetic is going to to be absorbed into your skin. I absolutely wouldn't listen to her. I had a quick Google and all that came up was magazine type pages nothing credible or scientific that would make me change my products.

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Thanks Seb9! There is so much conflicting information that sometimes it's hard to know what will make an impact but I agree nothing on the NHS website....

I’ve changed my skincare regime since being pregnant. Products to absolutely avoid are those that contain retinol (most anti ageing creams do, even cheap ones), salicylic acid (used to shrink pimples), AHAs (acids that exfoliates: glycolic for example) and licorice root (many sheet face masks have this). I’ve also dropped products containing vit B (for pigmentation) just to make sure. I’m keeping my regime very straightforward, using a hyaluronic acid serum (that’s fine because it’s a natural acid produced by our bodies) followed by an organic

Hi, I switched to the body shop products as their products are ok for pregnancy unless stated otherwise. That way I didn't need to be reading the labels of everything.Congratulations on your pregnancy x

Moo goo is a great product range, safe for babies too. I stopped using moisturisers in the early days and then once in second trimester I started using just my face cream. Recently spent my birthday money on a load of lotions and potions from moo goo.

Thank you QT314 and Prettygurrly! I'll look into that. I use a lot of organic cosmetics but knowing which brand(s) makes life so much easier! X


I googled too much during my pregnancy last year and found about 50 ingerdients to avoid 🤯. Ive still got the list 🙄. To give yourself peace of mind try somewhere like Green People. I used all of their products including maskara. Their belly bump,nipple salve and suncream is good too. I wanted a safe product so close to my bump and had no stretch marks I even use it now four months after birth. The nipple cream had no toxic chemicals n all natural for breast feeding. I liked the maskara. I also use the baby products on my baby now with no parfume.

I chose to also have foods where possible that were organic due to the antibiotics ,growth hormones and pesticides in meat and veg etc. We now mainly eat organic as much as possible and feel better for it.

Do what you feel your comfortable with and dont google things while your pregnant. Certainly always ask midwives or pregnancy helpline for any worries you have though. I felt silly at the time asking every time I felt a twinge or was worried about anything but I am glad I did now.

You will be an amazing mum 🥰

Thank you KellyAndBabyThomas! This is exactly how I feel and what is going on! Too much information, don't know what to do and feeling silly to ask. Thank you for the recommendation and congratulations on your little boy 😍

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