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Anyone been told they can't have more kids risky etc coping


As title says really just want someone to relate to I've had children and tbh I've had more than enough but struggling to come to terms with fact I will never have more medical said I'd be too high risk it would be selfish for me to try again and put my life at risk

On another note I'm excited one day I might have grandkids x

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I'm not completely in the same boat but I am coming to terms with the fact I will no longer have another baby. It took us 4 years to have our first Son, after 2 losses and over average amount of time between each to conceive. Waited a couple of years before trying for number 2 only to experience another loss before being blessed again. Both pregnancies ended up with me having high blood pressure at the end and both were born via C-section, one emergency, one elective. I am 40 this year and my youngest is nearly 2 and I would love another. But I am getting older and all of the issues I have getting pregnant, staying pregnant and the end of pregnancy, I know I can't put my partner and my other 2 children through it. And mentally I'm not sure I can do it. But it doesn't mean that if things were different I wouldn't want another. I am very grateful for the 2 gorgeous boys I have and that's what I focus on when trying to come to terms with the fact I won't have another.

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I understand !it's not been totally ruled out but they are not advising it due to risks tbh I can't like you say put my kids through that and spend days in hospital after having a baby and possibly need a catheter for rest of my life it's way to risky if I Damage my bladder again.they said I have adhesions from c sec that another be too risky.I am happy but I keep thinking I'm a disappointment to my partner we have two together he says he's happy and even talks of us going down the route of risking it but I can't risk it I really won't as I have to make sure I'm in good health for the kids I already have like you I'm grateful but I'm getting old I also had a loss before this baby at 13.5 week and I'm 35 everything starts declining I'm really happy was supposed to be final baby but it's more that choice has been left to some one else and what they did surgery c sec damaged my bladder

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