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No period after birth

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I had my little boy 10 weeks ago and still haven't had a period yet. I have PCOS but should I be worried?

Thanks in advance x

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Are you breastfeeding? That will normally delay your period, I didn't have a period till the week before my daughters first birthday, she'd cut back a lot on milk and was eating more food.Even if your bottle feeding, it's not unusual for your period to be delayed coming back.

Congratulations on your little one x

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JTCT in reply to Seb9

Sorry should have said no I'm not breastfeeding anymore - thanks for the reassurance

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Seb9 in reply to JTCT

Even if you did for a bit the hormones from it will stop your periods for a while. I was gutted when mine came back😂

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I was breastfeeding and mine didn’t come back for 7 months or so. If you only recently stopped it will also take a while but 10 weeks isn’t long at all. My PP bleeding didn’t stop until 6 weeks after. Absolutely seek a medical opinion if you are worried but I’d say it’s normal x

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Hi, I’m the same my little boy is 8weeks old today and I still haven’t had a period and I have pcos I did breastfeed for 2/3 weeks at first .... and had a c section too so wonder if that’s another reason? Don’t worry hopefully it’s normal xx

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I had mine 7 weeks ago via c section and only breastfeed mixing with bottle the first 3 weeks... still no period. I’m glad I came across this thread and it’s kinda reassuring! I guess the lack of sleep, exhaustion and hormonal changes play part of that and differently to individuals xx

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Thanks all!

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I had my baby girl 8 weeks ago via c-section and have not had a period yet. I also have PCOS. I had a check up at the doctors yesterday and he said it was entirely normal not to have had a period yet and it could be several more months before I do. Please don’t worry but as others have said, seek medical advice if you are worried.

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They say that when you breastfeed for some reason it takes longer for you to get a period. My son is 8 months and I stopped breastfeeding him maybe a month ago & I still have no period

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