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First day weaning


Hello, i gave first weaning for my 6 months old baby girl avocado with breast milk puree and 100ml water during feeding she cry i don't know why any recommendations pls?

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She probably cried as its new for her, you've got to remember that's their way of communication, just keep doing what your doing and only try one thing at a time or do baby led weaning, where you put a couple of foods in front of her and she picks what she wants to try. X

Thank you so much

How exciting giving her food for the first time ☺️

I would give less milk than 100ml, 60ml max (with a meal). She’ll need time to get used to food, new flavors and textures. My sons first food was also avocado, he didn’t enjoy it until I mixed it with banana though.

Gntnegash in reply to Blue1986

Thank you so much, she was very exited and i think she like avocado she finished all what i provided for her. I thought she didn't like the cup maybe better using milk bottle for water as well instead of cup.

Blue1986 in reply to Gntnegash

Try and see what suits her, we got a selection of cups and it took time, really my son didn’t drink much until 8/9 months, we got a 360 cup which he still uses. It takes time. I’m happy she enjoyed the avocado though, they are super yummy and nutritious.

If you have Instagram you should follow newwaysnutrition she mainly speaks about baby led weaning, but has great advice about mixed feeding and gives you ideas of how much your baby should eat / drink and about feeding habits and behaviors. Everything is simple on her page and easy to understand. (I’m not affiliated with her in any way, just think lie her advice and page).

Gntnegash in reply to Blue1986

Thanks i am following her. Its really helpful👍

Sevy571 in reply to Blue1986

You made me discover her work and after reading just ne article I already love her approach - thanks for sharing!

Hi. I would go on with a cup, rather than bottle. Just to start with, 100 ml of water is way too much, start with small sips here and there. She's not eating that much to need so much extra water.

Not sure how much puree you gave, but surely start with a spoon, then couple of spoons. I would say the pediatric scheme is more suitable for bottle fed babies, who eat bigger portions. I find that the breastfed babies eat much smaller portions of food normally.

Increasing the food portions abruptly can lead to baby refusing to eat whatsoever a couple of months later. Go gradually and don't force.

Thank u for sharing, u are right now a days she is refusing some puree foods and sometimes i upset and give her by force. I wish to start to give her any fruits and vegetables fingers but im worried if she gags or choking to her any idea please? Thank u

Seb9 in reply to Gntnegash

The start for life website has some great information about weaning.

What information helped me was to know that their gag reflex can still be fairly strong when they first start trying foods so they will gag and spit food out.

Your baby’s gag reflex triggers automatic retching, if food or other objects get too close to her airways. Because her gag reflex is much closer to the front of her mouth, you may even see your baby gag if she puts her hands or a teething toy in her mouth.

As your baby gets older, the gag reflex moves further back inside her mouth. This is why it is a good idea to introduce finger foods at six months when the reflex is at its strongest.

You really shouldn't try and force anything in their mouths that they're not happy with. Food under 1 should just be for fun and not their main nutrition so if they don't want to eat don't make an issue out of it, just do something else with them that they enjoy. If you make it something they don't enjoy then you could end up creating issues with baby not wanting to try foods.or getting upset when they go in their highchair, you don't want to create a negative association with food.

Gagging is different to choking, with gagging they will cough and make noise as there is air getting into their lungs, choking they will struggle for breath and not be able to breath. This is when you need to intervene and give back thrusts. If you haven't already it might be worth booking a first aid course or doing some research into what to do in the event baby chokes so you are prepared if it happens.

When the airway is blocked there will be no sound and the chest and ribs will be pulled in as a baby struggles to breathe. This is choking. Using back blows and chest thrusts may help to dislodge any objects blocking the airways.

When your baby gags they may cough, make a little noise and they may go a little red in the face. But it’s likely that it won’t bother her and she’ll continue to eat.

There are also certain steps you can take to minimise the risk of choking, such as:

Make sure your baby is physically ready to try solids. She needs to be able to hold her head up and sit up well, without support, in her highchair.

Cut round foods such as grapes and cherry tomatoes in half lengthways and remove stones from fruit such as plums and peaches. Check meat and fish very carefully for bones.

Prepare food in a stick shape that your baby can pick up in her fist with the top sticking out.

Never leave your baby on her own with food.

Avoid any distractions in the room such as the TV, so your baby can concentrate on eating.

Good luck

Gntnegash in reply to Seb9

Thank u for sharing, its risky to do this as i am alone look after my baby during the day. Even if she choking couldn't do calling and back blows a time. To be honest still not confident to give finger foods.

Seb9 in reply to Gntnegash

Then stick with puree and mashed up foods, till baby's gag reflex had progressed but please don't force baby, they all progress at their own speed good luck

Gntnegash in reply to Seb9

Thank u Seb9, for first time mom everything is learning and i learn something from my mistakes. i will not force her anymore. Now i understand they get more nutrients from milk not only from solid foods. My problem was i gave her more solid food and water instead of milk but i think its wrong decision. The best way of weaning is if she like it, give her as long as she want, otherwise feeding formula and breastmilk is enough to her based on her age. Do you think it sounds good? Thanks

Seb9 in reply to Gntnegash

Definitely, that sounds perfect ❤️

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