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Spotting in Pregnancy - please help :(


Currently only 5/6 weeks pregnant.

I have been spotting which started early Saturday at 1am, I have put a pic below.

Went to a&e yesterday as advised by Maternity Care and was examined. When examined the gynae dr said my cervix was closed which was a good sign and there isn’t a lot of evidence to say it’s either a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy. She took bloods and swabs and asked me to go back in 48 hours (tomorrow) to be checked over again.

I have just been for a poo (sorry to be so direct) and it seemed to off pushed a bit more blood out and my belly keeps turning (feels like I’m going to have the runs sort of pains) but my partner thinks its because I’ve just re heated Chinese rice after 2 days and eaten it, could he be right?😫

I’m not bleeding into a pad it’s only when I wipe however I’m petrified as I miscarried last year and feel like this is how it started and that it’s going to happen again.

Has anyone else experienced this??? I’m so scared:(

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Rice is one of the worst foods for food poisoning. I’d recommend never reheating it IMO.

However in a similar situation right now (8-9w). Been bleeding for 9 days (more than spotting but not what I’ve been told a miscarriage is like either).

6 days ago the scan showed a heartbeat but have to wait another week until I’m seen again for another scan. Its great they’re seeing you again so soon.

I know it’s worrying. I’ve been all over the place emotionally but it can happen and be okay.

This article was an interesting read for me.

Hope tomorrow goes well. ❤️

I experienced spotting twice in my first trimester, heavier than yours. I was scanned both times (first at 5 wks, 2nd at 8wks) and all was fine. They couldn’t tell me why I was bleeding, sometimes it happens with no apparent cause. Given that you’re 5/6 weeks pregnant, it could be implantation bleeding. Anyway, It’s good that you went to get it checked out. If it continues, gets heavier or is accompanied with cramping, go back to a&e.

Hope your latest appointment went okay. Thinking of you.

anonymous1- in reply to Sprog

Sadly I have miscarried again. :(

Sprog in reply to anonymous1-

Aww sweetheart. I’m so sorry to hear this. ❤️

Sprog in reply to anonymous1-

We’ve had the same news today. xx

I was spotting with my first on /off from like week 5-7, every fortnight. Nothing in my knickers, only occasionally, when I wiped myself on toilet paper. I am somewhat chilled person, so I even did not get it checked out. I had a great pregnancy and now he's a healthy 3 years old.

Hoping all best 🙏

I have sadly miscarried:(

Sorry to hear of your loss. I too experienced 2 miscarriages which the first one affected me more as I suffered a missed miscarriage.. stopped developing at 7wks 4days but I didn’t find out until I went to a early 10wk scan or what I thought would have been 10wks due to slight bleeding like you showed.

I don’t mean to rub it in but I’m now at the end of my third pregnancy expecting a baby boy. My due date is actually today but he seems quite comfy in there and shows no sign of coming out!

It’s gets better, just try not to stress about wanting to get pregnant, I’m sure it’ll happen in all good time.

My first miscarriage was the same, went for a scan at 10wk + 5 due to spotting and cramping to find out the baby measured at 6 +2 and I miscarried that night :(

15 months later after trying and trying I finally fell again for it to end like this and I am truly heartbroken. From the minute I started spotting I just knew what was coming.

I hope that one day it will work out successfully for me and my partner who is my best friend and deserves to be a Dad.

So sorry to hear that this is your second miscarriage, it would come as a big surprise to you & your partner and you both will be a proud parent sooner than you know it.

I really hope so. Thank you 😔❤️

Have you been to your doctor yet? 15 months is a long time to be trying without any investigation...

Yeah I did go to them, they had no interest as I had fallen before and because I am only 23.. useless really. I have just switched Dr’s and am now going private to get help and some answers. :(

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