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Missed miscarriage


Sensitive post!

World stud still. Have all my pregnancy symptoms still, never in the world did I expect to hear the words that my baby’s heart has stopped. Just over 3 weeks ago seen it flicking away stronger than ever, and today just a check 9+ for the words to come out of the scanners mouth😭 utterly heartbroken. It’s scary how there where no tell tail symptoms... no bleeding pain nothing morning sickness still every sign my body was still pregnant😭 nothing can prepare someone for this.

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I’m so sorry. I’ve had three miscarriages two of which were missed miscarriages at 8 and a half weeks and 10 weeks. You’re right, nothing can prepare you and it’s a terrible shock to the system. I hope you have someone to take good care of you at this difficult time and that friends and family offer you all of their strength and support. Today is baby loss awareness day and I lit a candle for my three but after reading your post just now I’ll go and light another for your little one xx

I am so sorry to hear that! I have my partner Thankyou he’s been my rock as well as my two little ones. Thankyou❤️

Aww sweetheart. I’m so sorry to hear this. That must be awful.

I don’t have anything to offer except a virtual hug. Thinking of you.


Mammyoftwolove in reply to Sprog

I don’t think there is any words but thankyou❤️

I’m sorry to hear this, its awful news for anyone to receive.

After going through a MMC last year (only found out at our 12 week scan) I know how unbearable it is, especially when your body dosent give you any signs!

sorry for your loss, it really is a shock how many people this happens to, my body still thinks I am pregnant still haven’t started bleeding so I am going to do the process in hospital today if they can find me a side room .

Its un real how messed up your body can be with not realising and telling your brain/rest of the body something is wrong.

A year ago to the date for me that I had surgery as I had two rounds of tablets and neither set worked. Only the surgery worked for me.

I hope today goes smoothly for you and message me if you need someone to talk to x


I'm so sorry for your loss, sending you lots of love ❤️

Im so so sorry hun. My hearts goes out to you. I've had one mmc out of the 6 losses I've had but i was kind of prepared for it too. So can't really compare!! Take time to process this and grieve and keep talking don't keep it in. We're all here if you need to talk. Sending virtual hugs your way 💗 x

I am so sorry for your losses!😔 Thankyou means a lot.x

I am truly sorry for your loss, I cant imagine what your going through, sending you hugs xx


I am so sorry to hear this..... I also had a missed miscarriage back in March, I found out at my 12 week scan..... not a single sign at all. The words still haunt me to this day, the only way I managed to deal with this was to remember that everything happens for a reason, maybe they were poorly or the timing isn’t right, we will never know. Stay safe. Thinking of you ❤️

I know it’s crazy how the body works. I have been thinking the same thing all sorts is running through my head but thankyou. I am sorry for your loss hun!x

It really is..... for a total of 5 weeks I carried my little one after they passed, without my scan I never would have even known 😔 stay strong x

I'm so sorry to hear this!! I recently suffered a missed miscarriage after 2.5yesrs of trying. I found out at my 12 week scan that there was no heartbeat the baby had stopped at 9+1. I didnt have any cramps only tiny bit of spotting. I ended up having a surgical management as my body still thought I was pregnant!!

This was 5 weeks ago, 4 for the surgical management. Take time to look after yourself, sending lots of love ❤

I am really sorry for your loss! I am In the same boat now they offered me surgical but I have decided to try the tablets first just because the thought of surgery scares me a little. I have had a positive covid swab today so they have told me tablets is the best way just waiting for the nurse to ring me as no only rooms available which I will need x

Ahh hope you got the call from the nurse in the time you wanted. Sending lots of love, look after yourself x

I am really sorry you are going through this. I had a missed miscarriage back in march this year, and as you, I only found out during a check scan at 10 weeks. There are no words to describe such pain, nothing can prepare you to such an heartbreaking situation. But it gets better, you stay strong, you try to stay strong. Do whatever you need to. I spent lots of time on the couch crying, staring at the walls, doing literally nothing. Then I dragged myself into watch some Tv, then my husband was also very supportive. It will get better, you will get better.

Am very sorry for your loss nothing does ever prepare you for the words to be said. But thankyou it means a lot x

I'm so sorry. I know there's no words when something like this happens, so just sending you big hugs xxx


I'm so sorry to read this, absolutely heartbreaking. Sending you hugs. Xx

Thankyou x

I am so so sorry! I am literally crying reading those words because I can remember the total devastation I felt hearing them three years ago. I didn't even know about a missed miscarriage until I suffered one. I had the surgical management as my body thought I was still pregnant for a few weeks and after previously suffering a miscarriage I couldn't do it again emotionally. Thinking of you and sending so much love x

Am so sorry for your loss to huni! It’s the worst words anyone can here, especially when there is no tell tale signs... my body is doing the exact same still thinking I am pregnant but I have decided to try the tablets just because I have had a positive covid swab and I don’t feel surgery would be a good option with anaesthetic and things Thankyou so much it means a lot❤️

So sorry I like you had live children and last year had a misscarrige at 12.5 week im now pregnant again and I'm 23 weeks hope you feel better soon nothing can replace what you've lost but there's hope x

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