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Spotting after sex - 20 weeks pregnant and freaked out

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Hi ladies, the title says everything. Has this happened to anyone? I read is normal unless it's not heavy and I don't even have cramps or pain, it's just spotting, yesterday was pinkish, low amount and this morning some brown ish, very tiny appeared. I have my 20 week scan next week so I am going to wait and pray that everything is fine. Is this happened to any of you?

Please help

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Hello future mummy!

Please don’t worry, it’s completely normal. You probably just irritated your cervix. When it used to happen to me I would always find reassurance in the fact that I could still feel my baby moving around.

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TheSeal in reply to Blue1986

Thank you, that puts my mind at peace. I felt some movements, though it is still sort of bubbling, not a clear movement, but I felt it this morning so.. You are right, it's reassuring. Thanks for your reply :)

It could just be the cervix being irritated, if it lasts longer than a couple of hours or gets really heavy and bright red, call the midwife! Xx

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Thanks, will do. It seems to have dropped now. Finger crossed


I spot regularly after sex and it's fine unless your rheuses negative and then you need anti d each time. Maybe try a different position, but if it's not uncomfortable I wouldn't worry too much x

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Thanks for your reply. I am rhesus positive so I am not worried about that. I might try different positions, so far I am still comfortable, my bump isn't that big yet 😊 thanks tho, it's reassuring knowing that's normal and happened to other ladies

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