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Bowel movement during pregnancy


Hi there

I’m 18 weeks pregnant and notice I’m going to the toilet for the number 2 atleast twice a day in the morning. The stool is soft and comes out quite quickly but is not watery. Should I be worried?

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Hey! I’m now 21 weeks and had the exact same around this time. Was going to the toilet at least twice a day and it was softer stools. I think it’s just all a part of your hormones constantly changing! If you’re really worried speak to your midwife xx

hey I am now 17 weeks and I had the same thing for the last few days but then it stopped. I blame the veggies I ate recently but it might be the hormones changing. I had it again back in the first trimester then stopped again. It might stop for you too but if you're worried called the midwife

I recently had a baby. The opposite happened to me. I was drinking prune juice for weeks. Its the hormones that change your bodily functions in ways you never thought of 🤷

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