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What was everyone's first signs of labour?


Hi all :)

I'm just wondering what everyone's first signs of labour were?

I'm currently 36 weeks+3 with my second, I was induced with my first so I haven't gone into labour naturally before.

I've had belly ache, like period pains all day and felt nauseous and super tired. Wondering if this is a sign labour is around the corner?!

What were the first signs for you?

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I had really light cramping and spent a few hours debating whether it was anything. TMI but I had to go to the loo a lot for number 2s which apparently is also a sign. The cramps got stronger and stronger and then I knew. I did feel weirdly I uncomfortable the day before.

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I should add good luck!

With my first I don’t recall any signs as such. I was 5 days over and woke at 2am for the toilet. On the way back to bed waters broke. Got into bed to relax for a bit and contractions started almost straight away!

With my second son I was 4 days early and had period style cramps for a few days. I also had a false labour incident, severe period pains - they asked me to come in but got sent home after being checked over. Finally waters broke at 4am and labour started straight away!

Be sure to get an app on your phone to monitor contractions - it’s really handy as hospital can look at the data when you arrive too. Good luck!!!

No signs for me, I had a sweep at 38 weeks and waters went while bouncing on the ball that evening. Contractions started right away. Very best of luck x

Hi. I felt uncomfortable for a couple of days. Then had alot of bowel movements. Followed by cramps every 20 mins . Then a bloody show. Waited till contractions every 5 mins till we headed to hospital. Hope all goes well xx

Ps I was 38 weeks

Cramps the night before and then my mucus plug started coming away slowly so pinky mucus in my underwear and then more intense cramps the following evening that started getting increasingly painful.

Period cramping and loose stool, period cramping got stronger and stronger. With my first I had period cramping, back pAin and a bloody show. Good luck xxx


With both my children first sign was a “show” within half an hour turned into back ache & contractions ( I have short but intense labours!) I went to the hospital when I was getting contractions every 10-15 minutes as I first I almost didn’t make it! Good luck xxx

It was really interesting to hear all your stories! Thank you :)

I kept waking in the night with braxton hicks and this morning I still have the same dull period pain low in my belly. I'm wondering if it might be because my belly is so heavy rather than a sign of labour! Lol.

I'm gonna go for a walk today and see if I can encourage him to make an appearance!

I was induced with my first, too (14 days overdue!). With my second I kind of didn't believe it was labour. I was intensely tired the day before labour and just wanted to sleep. Thankfully my parents were able to take eldest at that point. I was 5 days past due, and I woke up with pains every three minutes and needing the loo a lot. My husband had to point out to me that I needed to go to the hospital. 'Doh!

My first 2 was the show after a hour strong contraction but the third I was dilated 4 for the past 1 months but never felt or had Any contraction, mw managed to broke my water

And induced with drip that was worst pain ever I can say

Looking back I had a sore back for a few days and on about the 3rd day my waters broke so I’d been labouring in my back and not been aware! I’d also been induced first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect from ‘natural’ labour xx

Hi, it started with light pains in my back and lower abdomen. For me the most pressure was on my lower back and it was quite irregular. Started on Friday morning and by Friday evening I knew it's definitely start of labour as it was coming more regular and stronger. By 3am I was already in hospital couldn't cope with pain anymore, but got sent home as I was only 2-3cm. Contractions for me were awful and lasted 18hrs to end up with c section. Anyway good luck, remember it will pass although it hurts as hell 🙈

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