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Getting a private room for birth

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Hi everyone,

I'm 21 weeks pregnant. I was just wondering if any one could help me out with regards to getting a private room for the birth of my baby which is due in November. Who do I contact and how to go about getting one? Also wanted to know like how does it happen here in the U.K like is it a ward with many other women put together or a separate room is given during the birth?

Looking forward for some advice

Thank you all.

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I know pre COVID you could get a private room but they might be saving them for potential COVID mums. You give birth in a room on your own but then you are moved to a ward. To be honest I didn’t take any notice of the other mums and kept my curtain closed

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Thank you

Hey there, I guess it depends what you mean by ‘private’

With the NHS you will give birth in privacy in your own room. After the birth you’re then moved to a shared ward.

However, if you wish to pay for private health care (assuming there is a room available) you can expect to have your own room for the duration of your stay. I’ve no idea of the cost of this type of care.

I hope this provides some clarity.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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Thank you

At the hospital you have your own room while you're in labour and to give birth in, but you might then go on to the maternity ward after you've given birth after you've had a while to recover in your room. They don't keep you on for more than a few hours if you have a straight forward birth so as long as baby is feeding OK and doing well and you've been to the toilet at least once, they'll normally let you go home. I had to stay in for 24 hours because I gestational diabetes and the ward is quite comfortable, you have curtains round you for some privacy, private toilets, bathrooms and showers. My experience on the ward was very positive, I had lots of very nice meals bought to me, a nice shower and lovely nurses.

I'm not sure how you'd go about getting a private room for the whole time in a hospital but it's probably something your midwife can advise on.

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Thank you so much .

I think it does depend on circumstances/ area too! I had to stay in hospital for 4 days post birth of my daughter last year and following birth I was moved to a ward with only one other bed in, but this was empty the whole time I stayed. That was largely because my baby went to special care and I didn’t have her with me, so I was able to be on my own, away from other mums and babies xx

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Thank you

I had my baby in the pool so was in a large room with a bathroom and kitchen. about 3 hours afterwards (had a shower and got dressed ect) I moved to a ward. The bay had 6 other beds, 2 ladies with their babies where there for a couple of hours then discharged. From about 10am Tuesday till 5pm Wednesday and no one else came in.

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Thank you

Hi, when I arrived to hospital for my labour I was placed in private room to give birth. Once my baby was born, we were given few hours to recover and I was moved to maternity ward where I was asked if I want to be in general ward with other mums or whether I want to pay for private room (£85 per night). I chose the latter as I wanted my partner to stay the night with us. That was in my local hospital in London.

I guess once you choose the hospital you want to give birth in, you can ask the midwives if there an option of private room in case you have to stay over the night.

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Thank you so much

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What hospital offered this? Was it recent?

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It was West Middlesex Hospital 2,5 years ago. As far as I know they still have that service.

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Lovely, thank you.

I think it really depends on the situation and the hospital facilities. Mine has a midwife led unit within it. My second was born in the midwife led unit at 11pm and I stayed in there in the same room until I was discharged the next day. My oldest was normal delivery suite the onto a ward but youngest was midwife led until a complication meant I need extra care so was transfered to a ward until discharged x

Thanks a lot

Pre Covid my hospital provided tours so you knew exactly what to expect. You could perhaps ask for a virtual tour? I had my baby during lockdown so the beds on the ward were halved and spaced appropriately, but had my own room on the delivery suite x

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Thank You

My baby was delivered 5weeks pre term via csection 2months ago. 48hrs Prior to delivery I shared a room with one other mum to be.

After delivery I had my own recovery room for two hours which allowed my partner to stay with me and baby.

I was then transferred to a ward to share with 3 other women. Under normal circumstances Private rooms are available to rent for £150 a night but during my time in hospital these was being used for mums and babies with the coronavirus.

If your worry is about catching the virus I hope I can help ease your anxiety with my positive experience. I was so scared to be admitted and also being away from my family mid pandemic but we was fine and left hospital virus free.

All the best with the rest of your pregnancy and birth.

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Thank you for the help

I was induced and had my own room whilst waiting for the induction to work I then went to my own delivery suite and I was there until after baby was born and stayed there for about another 6 hours I then went to the ward but was lucky as my bay was empty so I again had my own room x

Thank you

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