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What happens in between 12-20 week scan?

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I was wondering if anyone knew what happens in between 12-20 week scan. Do you hear the heartbeat with a midwife or is it just the two scans?

Thanks in advance x

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Normally you have a 16 week face to face appointment with your midwife where they listen to the heartbeat but with Covid, lots of places are doing face to face at 16 weeks so best to ring your midwife and check xx

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Natasha213 in reply to KiboXX

Thank you, I thought it might be missed with COVID as I did ask but they said they would let me know if they need to see me before 20weeks. Not heard anything and almost 16 weeks. Thank yky for replying x

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KiboXX in reply to Natasha213

No problem 😊 I didn’t get my 16 week one so I booked a private scan for then just for a bit of peace of mind xx

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Natasha213 in reply to KiboXX

Yes I have booked a private scan at 17 weeks just in case x

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bms12 in reply to Natasha213

Yep Kibo is correct, routine 16 week appointments are cancelled now and should be replaced with a phone call (which is honestly by the by as they just asking you are ok basically)

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Natasha213 in reply to bms12

Ah okay, thank you x

Hiya, it might depend on your local centre as my 16 week appointment was carried out face to face x

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Natasha213 in reply to Cookie_92

Or I may give them a ring thank you x

Heartbeat will be 16 weeks. You should get a scan at 36 weeks aswell, it had just started in 2018 when I was pregnant, I’m in kent. Not sure if everywhere is doing it yet, I know Milton Keynes are also x

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Natasha213 in reply to Annh17

Thank you, I have extra scans due to small babies but it's so different with covid thank you x

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KiboXX in reply to Annh17

36 week scans are normally only for a particular reason, I’ve got to have one because my placenta was low at my 20 week scan but a friend who has no known issues doesn’t get one. x

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Annh17 in reply to KiboXX

No it’s a new scam they are introducing , why does everyrhing think you only have a scan at 36 weeks if baby needs too be checked. It’s a new scam they are doing, it just started in 2018, like I said not clearly not everywhere is offering this yet

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KiboXX in reply to Annh17

Maybe it was something they were trialling in 2018 but it hasn’t been introduced. They do lots of trials for stuff like that. You can see it’s not listed as a routine scan on the NHS website: nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy...

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Annh17 in reply to KiboXX

No, my local hospital are still doing it and Milton Keynes are doing it, as I have family who has had it recently x

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Seb9 in reply to Annh17

No one at my NHS trust has had a 36 week scan, I had extra scans due to gestational diabetes, but if I hadn't had that it would have just been the 12 and 20 week scan. Maybe it depends on which trust you're with but I don't think they are all offering a scan at 36 weeks. It definitely doesn't appear on the NHS website as a date that you'll have a scan so maybe it is only a few areas where they're doing this, you're probably best off checking with your midwife as to whether it's offered in your area.

My 16 weeks antenatal was just a phonecall. I'm with Kings Hospital London Trust. Is anyone else worried about the reduced antenatal care? I've been getting headaches (just 16 weeks) and asked if I could get bloods done, she just said they were all cancelled and I should take paracetamol.

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Hi there! I'm also with Kings – I managed to get in just before they stopped doing the face-to-face 16 week appointment (they did bloods, urine and blood pressure, had a bit of a chat, then they called later in the day to do the full info bit). I've not seen a midwife since! (The two scans I've had were at the Fetal Research place).

It does worry me as this is my first pregnancy and I feel pretty clueless, though I've been reading up on stuff.

I'm 25 weeks today and I've been promised that my 28 wk appt will be face-to-face but the paranoia does set in. I think it's only natural. I'm assuming that as long as baby keeps moving and there are no obvious bad signs, that everything is ok...?!

I really hope your headaches have been getting better, Ala00 – don't be afraid to contact your midwife at any point if you're concerned.

Hi Natasha,

I've only had my 12 week scan and waiting for 20 week one which is on Sunday. I can't believe how far apart it felt.

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