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10 month old not eating solid


Hi all,

I am new (just joined today) and looking for help what to do with my 10 month old baby not eating. He was doing well until a week ago but now show no interest in solid food. He doesn't have fever and play as usual. Could it be due to teething? Any new receipe for baby who are teething please. Thanks.

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Could be teething, my LG goes of her food when she’s teething. We find just soft solids, so like fish cakes, pinwheels, soft veg. Fruit, yogurts, custard, porridge, weetabix x

Violet258 in reply to Annh17

Thanks. Will try those foods. xx


My LG used to go through phases of this. We used to just back off a little bit with food and then a few days later she would be back to normal xx

Violet258 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Hope he's back to normal routine soon. x

I don't think you should be worrying solid food is not their main nutrients at 10 months old as long as baby is drinking milk and getting fluids and having wet/dirty nappies you shouldn't be worrying. Babies will go on and off foods, nothing is constant!

Thanks. He is drinking milk and playing fine. Guess it's part of normal development then. :) x

Ah all my babies have done this plenty of times. For many reasons, teething, just had a growth spurt, feeling slightly under the weather etc. I wouldn't worry at all, I'm sure he'll be back to eating in the next week. Same as above, as long as he's having milk and fluids and wet/dirty nappies everything is fine x

Violet258 in reply to MummyMel

Thanks. I feel a little bit more relax now and hope he is back to himself in the next week or two.

Just like us baby lose their appetite I wouldn't worry too much because food is just fun and milk in their main source of nutrition. My little girl really went off her food at one point it was so hard but as long as they are having milk I would worry. I follow a page on fb there always loads of recipes and advice on there it's called Weaning And Baby Led Weaning For Beginners Uk

Violet258 in reply to doris92

Thanks for the info. I will follow that page. xx

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