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8dpo (I think) & Just took a test.. Help!!

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Good evening everyone!

According to my apps I’m 8dpo, I was using OPK’s but I’ve had a manic few weeks and have forgot to test on quite few days.

During the predicted fertile week myself and my partner DTD every other day. Since then I’ve been trying not to symptom spot but this morning I woke up with period like cramps (I’m not due AF until 8th May)

All day I have had a headache and mild cramps, not as severe as period pains, so because I have a tonne of internet cheapie’s I decided “why not” and did a test even though it was 6pm🤦🏻‍♀️

The result showed within around 4 minutes, and looks very very faint, or are my eyes playing tricks?

I really don’t know what to think or whether to believe it? Do I wait a few more days to retest, or test in the morning with FMU?

Thank you in advance xx

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Try again in the morning but that looks like a promising second line 🤞🏼hopefully it will get darker tomorrow

Thank you for your reply! I’ll try again in the morning🤞🏼x

Looks like a very faint line! FMU is definitely your best bet xx

Would definitely say that’s positive. Last July I did a cheap one just like that on day 30, and the second line looked exactly like that and I’m now sat here breastfeeding a five week old baby xx

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So exciting! Fingers crossed that’ll be me one day🤞🏼 thank you for your reply xx


Is 4 minutes within the time frame? I do see a faint line so, agree with the other comments. Take a morning test to see

Good luck 🙂

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The time frame was 10 minutes on the cheap ones so I 4 minutes was fairly quick I think! I’ve just done a clear blue so I’ll post the photo 😄 xx

Yeah they is certainly a second line.. That looks pretty promising congratulations 😊

Thank you so much🤞🏼🥰

Any news today hun xx

Hi, Ive just posted my ClearBlue test from this morning on my page, it’s looking very positive🤞🏼🙌🏼 xx

Congratulations! Can I ask what is the cheap test called? Xx

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Thank you! They’re called “One-Step” pregnancy tests, individually wrapped in small packets. I got mine off amazon 😊 xx

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