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Most useful baby item!

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Hello everyone

I’m 37 weeks today and had my baby shower at the weekend so got some baby money, this being my first was just wondering if there is anything as a mum you can’t live without. I have bought all the essentials...clothes, Moses basket, etc but before I buy anything I think I need wanted to see what you guys most use/ most helpful maybe you wouldn’t automatically think to buy

Thank you

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I would recommend a prep machine they are fantastic if you are bottle feeding xx

Skip + hop changing station. Think they cost about £20. It's so handy. Can change the baby anywhere!

Definitely a prep machine (saviour for night feeds) a sleepyhead pod (only place my girl will nap during the day other than in my arms) and some sort of white noise machine we have Ewan the sheep. 😊

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Sherry07 in reply to JulieOcean2

Sleepyhead is a life saver! I do agree x

I was dead against them, but a baby carrier/sling, it’s been a life savour. Prep machine if you bottle feeding x

Baby carrier/sling.... prep machine and a baby bouncer chair 😊😊

A sling & a silicone breast pump!

Agree on the sling, a soft one is great around the house as you can sit down in them (you don’t need to spend a lot, think mine was about £12 from Amazon) and a play-mat or blanket for the floor x2 for when one is in the wash 😉 (I made mine but they’ve been a life saver for refluxy sick ups 😂) x

I’ve never used a sling, but I see everybody loves it. Do you use it outside as well? x

I used the sturdier ergobaby outside, especially when she was little and suffering from reflux caused by CMPA, it was making her throat burn and she hated lying down and at the time was the only way she’d nap! I kept the wrap for the house. I have to confess using it a lot more when she was younger as I just find a pram easier most of the time but I have used it recently. They are great for uneven ground etc if you want to go out for a walk or crowded places where a buggy would be a nightmare. If you aren’t sure if one is for you I’d just buy a cheap wrap one and see how you get on when they are tiny and if you find you love it then invest in a more structured one for when they get bigger and heavier x

Thanks love; I was thinking about uneven and crowded places as you mentioned. But LO is almost 6 months now. I don’t know if it’s too late to introduce it to her or not 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’d love to try xx

I don’t think it’s ever too late but I guess whether she will like it or not just depends on the baby. Mine is ok with hers but I don’t use it often and she now definitely prefers the pram and I don’t think she’d be happy all day in it. Could you borrow one from a friend or sling library to try for a week before you invest? x

My LO even gets bored sitting in the pram now 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I really love to gave a sling and try it; will definitely look to borrow one now and give it ago xx

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Kempton in reply to Sherry07

Slings are the best! And I'd recommend getting a soft fabric wrap but a sturdier one too, like a baby bjorn (got mine of eBay for about £20). It's such an easy way of freeing up your hands whilst still keeping baby happy and close.

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Sherry07 in reply to Kempton

Thanks hun; I really want to give it ago. It’s just I’m not sure if a 6-months old baby will go into a sling or not 😀🤷🏻‍♀️ xx

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Kempton in reply to Sherry07

I only started using one at about 4-5 months and he took to it well. It was the soft fabric type. Then I got a second hand baby bjorn in time for our holiday (about 7 months) and he was fine. You can face them outwards at that stage too, my son loved it. Now at about 19 months he still occasionally goes in with my hubby, but as we didn't keep using them it's not his favourite. Though I know some people whose toddlers are more than happy to go in them.

See the if you can find a local sling. library to try before you buy.

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Sherry07 in reply to Kempton

Oh thank you; great idea 👍 I hope she take it, as sometimes it’s a real pain to take the buggy everywhere xx

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Kempton in reply to Sherry07

I should have said, we got another one later on. As he'd outgrown the baby bjorn. I can't remember the brand as it wasn't a well known one.

Good luck.

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Sherry07 in reply to Kempton

Thanks a lot for all the help and info; I was thinking about an ergobaby one. Maybe secondhand, as it’s a bit pricey. Still need to check the weight limit on them xx

Definitely a sling, I was really against having one but I couldn’t be without it now x

So far I would say a next to me crib for the bedroom and a feeding pillow

Sling and a white noise machine!!

Cheeky Wipes! Cotton twist for bums and a cotton flannel for faces/sick ups.

Congratulations!!! Gotta say without doubt a stretchy baby wrap/carrier was the single most used and essential item we had. Our DS was born in March and it turns out we hardly needed anything for the first few months, you really don't need much at all. But the sling was worth its weight in gold. It's so natural for them too (search 4th trimester). Loads of YouTube videos on tying them (might seem intimidating at first but you'll be doing it in seconds in no time) or try your local sling library for advice. I'd also say, not an item as such, but if you're in split level accommodation then have a changing station upstairs AND downstairs (a couple of towels on the dining room table was ours!) As there's a LOT of nappies (and not a lot of energy to keep parading upstairs!)

Good luck and enjoy xxxxx

I love our blanket for the car seat. Think it's called a morrck. Means you don't need jackets etc and it stays in place. Congratulations.xx

Definitely a white noise machine; I’m very happy with “Ollie the owl” x

My LO even gets bored sitting on the peak now 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I really love to gave a sling and try it; will definitely look to borrow one now and give it ago xx

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