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Toddler not being herself

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Hi all, my little girl is nearly 2 and is generally fit and well. The past week she has been refusing food and sleeping more during the day. Her nursery day she is not being herself and to be honest I am so worried. I myself can’t eat and have been having chest pains due to the stress. Is this teething and is it normal for them to go off their food.

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I would just book an appointment with the GP to check her over. No harm in that x

If it's any consolation my son (16 months) sometimes just goes off his food. It's hard when they reject food, I actually find planning meals is one of the most stressful parts of being a mum! I've also been finding it difficult lately as he is really asserting himself and starting to have tantrums. I have to keep reminding myself that it's a normal part of toddlerhood and I try to put myself into his shoes.

Has there been any major change to your daughter's routine or to family life? The fact she's sleeping more could be a sign it's developmental. Could you gently try to talk to her to get to the bottom off it. Just try not to stress too much. Hope she starts to be her usual self again soon.

Teething , stomach virus, or may be coming down with a cold just from my experience the signs are always there if she's refusing food and sleeping more but no crying or fussing she's probably getting sick if it's a virus and you give her jello or soft food and she throws it up and is running off as well then get pedia lite , if she's teething she'll be fussy and not eating but you still have to keep her hydrated and fed even tho she might not want to they have Pedialyte ice pops and only soft food she can eat but this is the best advice I can give you

Thank you for your reply I think she is teething as she keeps chewing her dummy. She is not a massive eater anyway but it’s just hard trying to remain calm as I suffer from severe anxiety anyway and am scared I’m missing something. Is this just being a mum?

It's just a part of motherhood sounds like she's your first but it's going to be ok just relax I'm sure you're doing great when my daughter was 2 and was teething the best thing was fruit inside of babies r us food teether ring she loved it and I have her less milk more water and Pedialyte

My daughter has gone on and off of food and sleeping more too it’s usually when something is going on either getting sick or teething or an ear infection. Also a lot of kids from what my dr says will stop eating or not eat a lot and that they won’t let them self starve

She's probably teething. Maybe take her to the gp.

If it’s teething use calpol, teething granules and bonjella, best combination there is! And will start eating again! The sleeping could be that she’s overly exhausted due to the process, they say as long as they’re taking around 15 ounces of milk a day the food thing isn’t a problem as long as she’s got her vitamins obviously!, I’d try a cold yoghurt, always did the trick for my little one xx

My little one ended up with constipation worsening when teething so I’d your worried take her to local pharmacy for advice or ring gp and book and appointment xx

Could be illness, my lg just had chicken pox and was miserable and off her food and slept during the day for days before she came out with the spots so I didn't know what was up.

Other than that they do go through phases of going off their food.

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