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Weight during pregnancy

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I’ll probably get heckled for this but here goes...

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and already the weight I was just before giving birth to my first son who is now 1. I’m not massive- currently 11’11 and 5’6 but for me this is the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m worried about being overweight too early in the pregnancy and ended up unhealthy as i am just eating eating eating at the moment and can’t seem to stop!!!

Has anyone else done slimming world or similar and just managed to maintain their weight throughout pregnancy to come out the other side in a reasonably healthy state?

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You are the same height as me and weigh a bit less. My midwife was happy with my weight and said not to worry about it during the pregnancy but if you are eating a lot try to make healthier choices but also don't beat yourself up if you have the odd treat. Please don't diet while you're pregnant, you can end up denying your baby of essential nutrients (I am not a fan of slimming world or weight watchers at all, they are designed to make money and don't get you the right kinds of nutrition - step away from the mugshots! 😉), could you do regular exercise instead? I've pretty much continued my normal exercise routine of Step, Zumba and Pilates and I start Aquanatal in a week or so (I'm 18 weeks +5). If you are hungry a lot, choose wholegrains and veggies where you can. Enjoy this time where you don't need to diet! I'm loving getting a bump and knowing I don't need to worry about dieting for ages yet but when baby is born and I feel up to it I will be back to my gym classes and trying to walk everywhere with baby. I know it's difficult not to stress but just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy and not needing to diet! Plus a lot of it could be water weight, and for second babies you do tend to be bigger earlier on so that might be a factor.

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Thank you for your response. I know I should be less worried about it but I suppose as it’s my second I just feel I’m so much bigger than I was first time round

Will try to chill about it and stop eating Easter eggs! 🥴


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Babypud19 in reply to Jwarby

I think that's totally normal to be bigger second time around as you show much earlier due to your muscles having stretched the first time around. Just eat as many Easter eggs as you would if you weren't pregnant. That's what I'm doing, 3 creme eggs and a packet of mini eggs done, main Easter egg still to demolish 😉 x

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Jwarby in reply to Babypud19

Haha love this!

I’m now not worrying about what I eat necessarily but going to try to curb the sugar addiction - I’ve been so fatigued up until about 14 weeks that I didn’t do meals, just sugary snacks 🤭- not ideal so now just swap that for crisps?!?! Hehe x

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Babypud19 in reply to Jwarby

Yeah sugary snacks are probably making you more tired as you'll just crash. Crisps have been one of my cravings. If I see someone with a packet I just have to have them!

This is my second pregnancy too.

With my first I was sooooooo much smaller.

Right now I am 23w and if I would compare: I looked this big at around 32w with my first...

With my first one the bump started slightly appear around 16w, and was noticeable around 23w. With this baby - after doing the pregnancy test at week 6 I got so bloated, that I have been looking pregnant since 🤷

I think second time round uterus just know that it must stretch 🤣

I am also dreading to go to see my gynaecologist, as my bump has grown so much in last 2 weeks- I can feel my baby kicking me in the ribs ...

Also worried about glucose test (did not have it with my first one)

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Jwarby in reply to ChrisWest1983

Nice to know someone is feeling the same!

I was similar early on- had people (that knew) saying “oh you can’t hide the fact you’re pregnant now” when I was 10 weeks 🙈

I’ll have the glucose test again as my family (not me) have history of diabetes - it’s not much to worry about xx

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ChrisWest1983 in reply to Jwarby

Thanks for the encouragement about glucose test!!!

My first baby was born 39w+4d weighing 6lb1oz

Probably this baby will be heavier and bump will need to be bigger 🙈 slightly scared....

But I know- once baby will be born we will forget about these worries as well have new worries to worry about 😂💖

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Jwarby in reply to ChrisWest1983

Haha yes true- 2 babies 🙈

My son will be 18 months old when next one arrives (eek)

How about yours?

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ChrisWest1983 in reply to Jwarby

That amazing that your children will be only 1,5 years apart!

My sister and I are only 1y2m apart- best friend for life 💓

My children sadly will have a bigger gap between them 2y2m.

I would worry too much Hun. I gains a lot of weight early in my pregnancy too. As my BMI was slightly over to begin with I was under a consultant n got weighed more regular. She said I put more weight on than they'd like but I hadn't gone up clothes size or anything. Obviously bought a bigger size to accommodate my bump in the end. I craved chocolate all the time!

Once he was born, i was pretty much the same weight as before I was pregnant. I was induced and he was a healthy 8lb 13 Oz born at 38+3 weeks 😁!

Try not to worry! Enjoy your pregnancy! Xx

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