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20 weeks pregnant and already had enough


Hi, I’m 20 weeks pregnant with baby no 8, and by god I’m struggling. I’m tired all the time, all my teeth have gone ultra sensitive and by 6pm my whole body aches. I’m 40 soon and definitely feel too old for this. Any other mummies struggling? X

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Baby no8?? I am 42 and on baby no1. However it's been a very long journey to get here so, apart from the anxiety that everything will go wrong at any moment, I am really enjoying it x

Jazzy313 in reply to Camillage

Congratulations , I had my first baby at 43 😍

Camillage in reply to Jazzy313

Yay, I am starting not to feel so old. Some people i was at school with were grannies by 32.... oh well, with ivf we don't get to choose, we just keep going until we get one xx

Wow, with 7 other kids to look after it’s no wonder you are tired. I’m 42 and in the same situation as Camillage above so I’m trying to enjoy every minute. I have the achy body at night but I’ve only got 3 weeks to go.x

Jazzy313 in reply to Noobs

Congratulations , I had my first baby at 43 😍

Wow baby no.8 are your other 7 old enough to help out with jobs around the house etc? I’m on baby no.2 my daughter is 3 1/2 I think if it was last year I would really struggle but she is very helpful it’s slot more tiring than the first definitely

Rebel2103 in reply to 2Baby2019

Hi, the eldest 3 have moved out, ages 22,21 and 18. I have a 14yr old, 4yr old twins and a 3yr old at home. One of my twins is non verbal and is severely autistic, lifting him is getting increasingly harder. I get up at 4am every day to do 5 horses. I don’t know how much longer I can carry on and I’m dreading the 3 week Easter break. They only do play school 2 days a week, but at least it’s a break. I keep thinking something is wrong with the baby, not really feeling any movements yet. I’ve got a scan on the 10th of April so hopefully that’ll make me feel a bit better. Just feel too old for all of this lol x

Camillage in reply to Rebel2103

Hopefully someone can at least start to help you with the horses?

Jazzy313 in reply to Rebel2103

Congratulations on your new bundle. Praying all is well for you and the new baby! Bless your heart with all the kids!

2Baby2019 in reply to Rebel2103

Sounds like your a busy mum. Could u put the younger twins in holiday club or ask one of your eldest to help out with the horses and the youngsters to give u a break. Or if u have any local family or the kids dad to help take some pressure off

We have 3 horses, lucky my husband gets up at 4 also to do them and I just get them in in the afternoon and feed and groom them. I must say mucking out would be too much....

Yes I am struggling more than before - on baby no. 3 and i am 42 and because I am running around after a 2 year old too. Lucky my first is 19 . I am huge at 20 weeks and dread to think how big I will get..... Although I so want another baby and can't wait til he/she gets here I don't really enjoy being pregnant at all. I feel huge and my boobs are hurting - they are bigger this time round too. I love my children but can't wait for the pregnancy to get to the end.....

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