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17 weeks pregnant today and bleeding


17 weeks pregnant today and bleeding

Hi guys I have my midwife appointment today heartbeat was absolutely fine just got home from work to go to the toilet for a number two . Wiping there was lots of blood (Red) Not sure what to do et cetera?! Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank u

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Hi Emma, I would probably call your maternity assessment unit & get their advice or call 111. Wishing you all the best. Xx

Emma200 in reply to Hope85

Thank you .

Just to put your mind to rest. Try not to worry xx

I'd go to A&E if it's a lot of blood.

I would ring your maternity unit or midwife and they will advise on what to do. Try not to stress. Good luck. X

Morning Went to the maternity unit last night and baby was absolutely fine

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