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Ultrasound at first midwife appointment?


Hi everyone,

I'm new here and 8 weeks pregnant. I've had my appointment come through for my first midwife appointment which is in about 4 weeks (eek!).

I'm really confused about whether I'll also be having my first ultrasound at the same appointment? There's info with the letter about the screening tests they'll be doing and taking a urine sample, but nothing about an ultrasound.

From everything I've read it says you should have your 'dating scan' around 8 -14 weeks, and your 'booking appointment' also 8 -14 weeks, so surely it makes sense to do the two at the same time?

If anyone can tell me the answer I'd really appreciate it! Need to know because my partner is self employed so it's difficult for him to take off work to come with me, but he definitely wants to if there will be an ultrasound at the same time.

Thanks loads! xx

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I had my midwife at 9 weeks at docs and first baby scan in hospital at 12 weeks. Mite be bit different with midwifes tho...im now 36 weeks. Enjoy ur appt and i found this site really helpful no matter...had lots of ups n down i wasent expecting.☺

greenpenguin in reply to Baby-g

Thanks so much for the info and support. Fingers crossed things go smoothly for you now :)

I had my booking appointment at about 10 weeks and dating scan at 12 weeks. They were in completely different departments of the hospital and the scan was done by a sonographer, not a midwife. So I would say they are likely to be separate but may vary at different hospitals. I would just call the place where you’re having your booking appointment and ask xx

Thanks, that does help to explain it a bit more! I have tried calling the clinic I'm going to but can never get through, guess they are just really busy, but I'll keep trying. Thanks for the tip!

Hopefully they’ll answer the phone soon! And in the meantime there could be a letter making its way to you about an appointment for your scan x

Booking in for me at 8 weeks and scan at 12+5, I think to do the screening for downs etc they need to do it between 11-14 or something to get a good measure so I doubt your midwife one will be a scan. Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy x

Thanks for the advice and good wishes :) it's helped me to be aware I need to get my scan in before 14 weeks so I'll push them on that!

I had my booking appointment where I had all the blood tests and urine sample tested. The midwife then sent off for my scan appointments during that appointment, the first one being at about 12 weeks, think the appointment came through about 2 weeks before. X

Thanks, that's really helpful to know. Sounds like it will be a separate appointment but I just need to make sure they don't leave it too long! Bit frustrating as I went to my GP at about 5 weeks but it's taken so long to get my booking appointment.

Yeah it is cutting it a bit fine. My midwife said to me with my first scan that I may get a phone call rather than a letter as I think I nearly 10 weeks when I had my booking appointment so they would be doing the scan sooner rather than later. Is there a number of the letter? It might be worth ringing them directly and just highlighting that you’re already 8 weeks in case the info wasn’t given to them. I’m not sure how it works when you go through the go as where I live you ring the midwife yourself and don’t go through the gp so I got my booking appointment quite quickly as well. X

Thanks that's really good advice! I've been ringing the number on the letter and can never get an answer but I've left a message today so fingers crossed I'll hear back from someone soon. I hadn't thought that maybe they don't know I'm 8 weeks already x

Midwife (booking appointment ) is seperate from scan and as far as I know is a home visit. The scan u will have general checks too including weight height Bp and urine sample

Thanks for clarifying that for me :) it's amazing how much there is to learn! x

You’ll do the booking in appt which then gets you on the system and then you’ll go for a scan later. The booking in appts are usually done by community midwives so might be a midwife at a local gp surgery, children’s centre or in part of the hospital or your house, depends where you live. But the ultrasound is done at the hospital x

Ah ok, thanks that's realy helpful. Yes I'm going to a clinic near me so that clarifies it will definitely be separate if I need to go to the hospital. Thanks x

Call and check but the booking in he doesn't need to be there for as it is just firm filling, giving blood and urine. You may find that you need to book your 12 week scan. So double check. Xx

Thanks! Yes all the advice I've has has made me realise I need to speak to them to clarify. I'm having problems actually speaking to someone but I'll persist lol x

Hi usually you’ll get your scan before 14 even if your booking is at 12w they’ll push u to the front id expect.

greenpenguin in reply to gcw104

Thanks, that's reassuring! I was thinking surely they can't let me go past 14 weeks... it's difficult not to worry though! x

gcw104 in reply to greenpenguin

If your getting the blood tests for Down syndrome it has to be done at the scan app not after 14w so they’ll have to arrange the scan for before 14w.

Ive never heard of them being in the same apt, so i would assume not. I had my booking apt at 10 weeks and the midwife made my scan apt for the following week while i was in the room there and then. Dont worry about bringing a urine sample - they’ll ask you to do one while youre there.

Thanks - its amazing how clueless I am about all the appointments despite reading everything I can! Yes that's handy to know about the sample as I was wondering what to take in it lol!x

Your booking in and scan will be different days. I had my booking in when I was 7 weeks and my scan at 12ish weeks but we did pay for an early scan at 9 weeks. You'll have appointments with the midwife all the way through and you'll need a urine sample at each appointment. With you seeing her when your about 12 weeks she may ring through to the scan department and get you an appointment while your with her so you'll know when your having it before you leave.

Congratulations and best of luck x

Thanks for the advice and good wishes! It's really helpful to hear other people's stories. Think I just have to trust they'll sort it out for me but I'll still keep trying to speak to them to confirm x

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