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Baby movements

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Hi me again

Well I started to feel baby move around 16 weeks now I'm 22 weeks they are more intense like baby has limited room to move around they are low down as wel most kicks are felt just above pubic line is this normal to feel them that low it's not wind and is definitely baby lol this is my fifth baby

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Yep sounds like me this is no 4 mine was upside down at one point so the kicks def felt more "downwards" than usual 2 weeks ago he was the right way up again and now they are all over the place so maybe your little one is for the time being in breach position ?? Or just like mine and likes doing somersaults!!! Xxx

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Well I had consultant app today baby is head down all movements imtold are his arms punching out 😂

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Thats good news at least ! Maybe ou just have a future boxer on your hands!!! Xxx

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Oh god I hope not lol he's a mover that's all I can say and ppl say boys are lazy lol

Yep, depends which way up baby is 😊 I know until 33 weeks mine kept changing as the baby moved around x

Yes very true baby Is head down for the time being could flip round lol but as Iv Been given 5 extra scans to check his growth I'll get to see him again

Last time we saw our baby girl before birth was at 22 weeks and she was hiding her face 😂 (she was hiding stuff they check at 20 weeks hence the extra scan) so it must be super exciting to get extra scans to see them (although being given them must be nerve wracking in itself!) x

It's only down to my first born being very small at birth but my other 3 were over 7lbs they are wanting to make sure baby boy is growing well also they are checking to see what weight he will be as if he gets too big he will be delivered earlier lol

Mine was born 12 days before due date and was on the 87th percentile at 8lb 5oz! My bump wasn’t even that big when I was checked 2 days prior! So much for bump growth charts 😂 x

Oh my bump is big when ppl ask how long iv got left there shocked when I tell them June this little one may be arriving 2 weeks early though as iv been told that I dilate quietly hence my speedy labours so they want to check me at 34weeks and 38 and if I am then they will speed it up so I deliver him as I'll doubt I'll get to hospital in time as with my third he was born at home x

Mine was 5 1/2 hrs from start of pain at home to birth and that was my first so I’d be scared if I had anymore 😂 x

Oh don't get me wrong I'm literally kakking myself as I can clearly remember how painful it is as my last born is 2 yrs old lol 😂

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