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Midwife led unit v Delivery Unit; Water birth v land birth

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Any views on midwife led unit v delivery unit? Mine are in the same building so theoretically can be transferred.

Also, what are your views on water v land birth? It seems midwives push for water birth but then I query why the statistics for water birth are so low. Anyone had both a water and land birth? Xx

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Can’t comment on water vs land however I do know that you are less likely to have interventions in a midwife led unit vs traditional ward type one so if you are low risk I’d go for midwife led knowing that you can be transferred if needs be 😊 hope that helps a little (plus from what I’ve seen the midwife ones are nicer and less ‘clinical’ than the high risk areas so therefore more relaxing with more birthing options open to you depending on what you fancy at the time, not that I got the chance, 5 1/2 jobby from start of pains to end, never made it out of the assessment room 😂) x

I’ve had both first was in the maternity ward delivery suite really it’s lead by midwives anyway only get dr etc if you need them My 1st was abit traumatic so was probably in the best place. My 2nd only midwives was a totally different birth super easy so only needed them for drugs and the actual delivery. I did feel abit anxious as my first was bad and I would have to travel by ambulance if I needed an epidural etc. Luckily it was fine but I’d rather have dr at hand.

I’ve not had a water birth either I can barely open my eyes not mind move about I can’t even turn over during labour so don’t think I could get in and out a birthing pool.

I had a midwife led water birth, well sort of. I was in the pool but couldn't actually give birth in it as I was just too hot!! But the feel if the water was definitely wonderful and relaxing (as much as it could be amidst contractions) and I wish I'd managed my baby's arrival in there.. I'd definitely try for a water birth again!

I gave birth in the midwife led birth centre. Was lovely. Only gas and air available there though if you’re thinking about pain relief. I was in the water for ages but didn’t give birth in there as my contractions slowed down. We got a private room after as the birth centre was very quiet. I don’t know if that’s normal though! Xxx

Thanks everyone! So is it true that even in the delivery unit, it’s mostly midwife led and the doctor is called if a complication arises ?

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That’s what happened to me. I was induced but I’m didn’t see a doctor until right at the end when I’d been pushing for quite a while and baby was starting to get distressed.

I ended up with an episiotomy & forceps to get him out but everything else was completely midwife-led. I had no intention of having a water birth as it’s just not my thing (I don’t even find the bath that relaxing tbh) and was happy to be in a hospital delivery suite. I work in a hospital (the same one I gave birth in) and feel pretty comfortable there whereas I think other people feel worried about being in that environment. xx

Right, thank you. That’s useful to know. Xx

I had a water birth in midwife led unit 2 weeks ago. I didnt actually give birth in the water but found it very relaxing, first baby and didnt have gas and air. We were then taken to the ward and i was the only person in my bay (4 bed) my son picked a good day to arrive! Lol

Why didn’t you end up giving birth in water? X

You might want to try this questionnaire, it definitely helped me realise what was important or not important to me: which.co.uk/birth-choice/wh...

Thanks, this really helped!! X

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