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1st ivf cycle but embryo is delayed

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Hi all,

Sad news for me and husband. We been ttc for 4 years and last year diagnosed with both Fallopian tube blocked and had a surgery to open both but after few months it was block again. Super sad and frustrating.

So ivf was the only way. Started my ivf cycles on 30/12/18 and I had low AMH which thankfully only managed to have 3 follicles. Yesterday was the day of egg retrieval and there’s was 3 eggs. This coming Sunday will be another consultation regarding how many embryo are healthy.

However, the doctor sees thru ultrasound that there’s fluid on my Fallopian tube and it’s not recommended to transfer fresh embryo which leads another problem. The doctor suggested that to clamps both my Fallopian tube before transferring any embryo.

Does this ever happened to anyone? Emotional I really drained and more problems seems never ended for me.

Will the success rate higher if I clamps my tube for the transfer? But how long can I wait for the transfer?

And how long does the clamps procedure takes?

Please comment if you have any advice.


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I’ve had IVF too but nothing happened what you described but the fertility forum on here may be able to answer your questions. I’m still on there but moved here when I had my baby and they are all lovely ladies on there and I’m sure someone may be able to help xx

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Thanks. That’s helpful.

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Good luck x

Hi my love.... listen to your doctor before doing a transfer of embryos. I had the same thing and I went ahead with transfer but it failed. The liquid in your tube is toxic to your embryos. After my cycle failed I had an operation to remove the damaged fluid tube. I then had a transfer 2 months later and it was successful. I’m now 29 weeks pregnant. Please don’t waste any time or embryos transferring with fluid in your tubes. It’s muxh better to have it clamped or removed before you transfer and this is coming from a lady who has severe depression and thought I would never be a mum. Good luck my love xxx

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Hi, thanks so much. I really don’t know what to do. If you don’t mind me asking, did you remove or clamps both or just one tube? Mine blocked both, not sure what’s the difference between clamps or tied. Won’t both have the same effects?

Just regret that I won’t be able to conceive naturally if both are clamps or tied.

Congratulations! Happy to hear that yours doing very well.

Baby dust to me.

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I had the one tube removed as the other looked ok. At first I wanted to have it clamped but there no point it was best to be removed. The thought that you never conceive naturally is horrible but the thought of never being a mother was much worse so I definitely would have had both removed if needed. If you go on the fertility forum you’ll see many women with the same story xx

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Thanks. Feel much less afraid now. By the way, which fertility forum were you talking about?

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If you search communities on health unlocked and fertility network uk. Xx

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