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Have to be induced as 40yrs old?


Hi, I had my 20 weeks scan yesterday followed by a consultants appt, as I have a short cervix.

The consultant wants me to be induced at 39/40 weeks due to still birth risk as this is my first baby and I am 40years old.

Has anyone else been told this.?

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Hi, I am 19 weeks and under consultant care. I was told at 13 week appt they’d like to induce simply due to IVF conception. There is a campaign to reduce still birth rates and going to or over 40 weeks gestation slightly increases the risk. Hope your appt went well otherwise. I have my 20 week scan on Monday and so nervous xxxxx

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My baby was an ivf conectption too!

My 20 week scan was so quick, I’ve got about another 5 booked in before 38 weeks....

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Yeah me too. I’m at risk of a small baby which I’m guessing you are too hence more scans. Did you choose to find out the sex? Me and my hubby can’t decide if we want to find out or not!

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Yeah it’s a boy! They told me at my scan four weeks ago it was a boy!

I’ve also been told by my consultant that il be induced as mine to is an IVF pregnancy and my anxiety is so high x

Yes this is fairly standard. I had a discussion with my consultant and he agreed I could go to 40+5, despite having the additional risk factor of an ivf pregnancy as well.

I did get a little anxious once I went over 40 weeks even though I know that it wasn’t a massive risk as was only just 40. I knew I was likely to go overdue because my mum did with all of us, and I was right but at least I felt like I gave my body as much chance as I could to go into labour naturally.

In the end my daughter was born at exactly 41 weeks as induction can take a fair old time!

Ps and she was a whopper at 9lb 6 so maybe I should have accepted an earlier induction as labour would have been easier!!

Hi, I had my little boy 6 days before my 41st birthday (first baby) in September and I was induced at 39 weeks. Consultant had told me they wanted to induce me at 38 weeks, but I decided to go to 39 weeks just in case he decided to come on his own. I was told by consultant and my midwife they only wanted to induce because I was an ‘older mummy’ and there are more risks apparently that come with that. I had no other health concerns just my age!🙈 Had a great pregnancy with no problems and had a healthy 8lb 15.5oz little boy!☺️ I think they’re NHS guidelines they are just following and nothing to worry about. Good luck with it all!x

I was told I'd be induced at 38 weeks-i'm 29, ivf pregnancy, first baby and I have lupus so I have a higher risk of pre eclampsia. I'm having extra growth scans from 26 and a half weeks but another doctor said they won' t definitely induce me as they would like to keep baby in as long as possible but even then she said they might only take me up to 39 weeks. X

I wouldn’t worry I’m being induced at 39 weeks at the age of 22 as they reckon my baby could get shoulder distosia, Because he’s so big already but I don’t know how they can give you an accurate weight x

I was told I would be induced at 37/38 weeks as its an IVF baby and I'm 43. Seeing as things are going ok I have now been booked in for induction at 39 weeks. x


So it def seems that having an ivf baby and being 40 is the norm for inducing

Yup, at my 12 week scan the consultant had noted I'll be getting going at weeks 38/39. Am 42 and it's an IVF pregnancy too. Have 3 further scans after my 20 wk scan. Knowing what the score is this early on has helped anxiety - all of it is just making sure all goes well. So far the pregnancy has been a dream with no probs

after the heartache of IVF

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