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Feel like we are always arguing


So the other half and I are really struggling at the moment. He has taken on a new job which meant 8 weeks away training monday-Friday leaving me on my own with 4 and a half year old and 6 month old baby on all but Saturdays. Now he is back but still in training which means long hours and less pay till at least December. I am also on statutory maternity pay so money is really tight, which I am finding very stressful. I also feel like I am doing a lot of the work even when he is home and carrying a lot of the financial pressures as he is at least getting a wage even if it's not what he's used to.

He complains that I snap at him. It feels like every other conversation ends with him walking out or saying ' well if you're going to snap at me I just won't help'. But I feel like I'm just answering the question he has asked me. Yes, I probably do sound stressed sometimes, because I am, but what am I supposed to do, just never speak? Taking a deep breath or counting to 10 before replying all sounds very well, but he also takes that as snapping at him because it's showing that I'm annoyed and he thinks I shouldn't be. Meditation/yoga etc to de-stress also sounds lovely but where would I find the time and/or money? Has anyone else had this? Any suggestions? Don't want to be always walking on eggshells or rubbing each other up the wrong way.

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When hubbie and I have got like this in the past we have had to “reset”. Can you schedule some time to go for a walk together without the kids and clear the air?

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