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Exhaustion and nausea 3rd trimester

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Hi all

I’m 29+1 and have been hit out of the blue by extreme fatigue and a return of nausea today. I had nausea on and off even up to late in 2nd trimester but have had a good 2-3 weeks where energy levels were good and no nausea - it’s back with a vengeance today! I was actually physically sick this morning which I had never been before, just always felt nauseated.

I am very grateful to have these moans as this is a much longed for pregnancy at 36 years old following our 4th cycle of IVF and 6 years TTC. I just need some tips how to handle this and get through the working days! I hadn’t expected the sickness to return, and still a long way to go before baby is born if the exhaustion is going to persist.

We did lots over the weekend to the nursery, Christmas shopping etc and maybe I have done too much?

Any tips/advice?

Thank you xx

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Maybe just done too much and maybe caught a bug or something? Hope it passes soon and you get get some rest xxx

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Thanks Ally81 x

Sounds like you might have done a little bit to much on your days off try and relax as much of possible I know how you feel though through out all my pregnancy I only had between 25 and 29 weeks where my sickness went but then came back for my third trimester. I worked full time and by 30 weeks I just couldn't cope with a 5 day a week luckily my employers were very good and let me drop a day a week as holiday or unpaid it definetly helped having three days off to relax and go for light strolls and eat little and often xx

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Thanks for your reply Jupiter1234. I am full-time too. I hadn’t thought of reducing my work days, although I don’t have any holiday left and not sure we could afford unpaid. But something to think about in the coming weeks if I continue to struggle. I have 7 weeks left at work - may consider the reduced days in the last 4 weeks! Definitely trying the little and often route although that’s hard adjusting as sometimes Im already too full by the time I realise (as appetite has not reduced). Thanks for your help xx

Sorry to hear how you are feeling. Could you be suffering from acid reflux? I was very nauseous in the third trimester and sick with it and it turned out I had acid reflux. When I started taking ranitidine it settled. Either that or like the others say you have maybe exhausted yourself with your busy weekend. Look after yourself and put your feet up once you get home from work. Xx

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Hey Lou! I do suffer terrible acid reflux but I don’t think that’s what’s causing these symptoms - it feels different. Thank you though, something to keep in mind. I do think I need to try to rest more xx

Oh bless you! I definitely felt tiredness return as I hit third trimester, I think it’s very easy to do too much and now I factor in feet-up time every day if possible! Being exhausted is something that can make me sick... but then I was very sick right up to 21 weeks and have been very close many times since (now 35 weeks). Sometimes in third trimester it is acid reflux or indigestion making you sick- try liquid gaviscon or love heart sweets (honestly!) xx

Tiredness definitely makes me more prone to sickness. I had it on/off up to 25 weeks (not as severely as yours mind) x

I think you probably overdid things then. Maybe you need to take a day off work this week to recover? Self cert sick leave?

I was tempted but think I might need that more at the end! My boss is also off this week and I’m his cover. I am thinking about dropping down to 4 days in the last 4 weeks of work. Can’t believe you’re now at 35 weeks - wow! xx

In terms of sick leave just watch out on taking sick days from week 36 onwards- most businesses start your mat leave automatically if you take any pregnancy related sick leave within 4 weeks of your due date x

Yes ours does that! Thanks for the reminder. I stop at 36 weeks as I have holidays to use for Christmas. Would probably just take a day per week unpaid if I need to reduce in the 2-3 weeks before I stop.

When do you stop, can’t be long now?? x

Six more working days which is the end of next week- I went down to three days per week when I started fertility treatment and three days a week is definitely enough at the moment- being an early years teacher is a physical job!

Ah, that is amazing! 😊

And you must be more than ready. Good luck with finishing up! xx

Day off today and slept until half past ten- must have needed it!

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