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Weight gain


Hi, I’m 15 weeks and haven’t gained any weight for around 3 weeks and getting a little worried. At first it crept up slowly consistently, I’ve gained 4lb in total so far. I see the midwife next Friday but wondering if I should do anything sooner? My bump is quite visible I’m told for this stage and seems to be growing? Maybe because I’ve been more active last few weeks as sickness has eased?

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You don't need to worry at all especially at the stage you are at. Due to nausea I only gained 3lb in the whole pregnancy and midwives were happy as baby was growing well. I had a very healthy 8lb 5oz baby at the end so poor appetite and weight gain had no detrimental effect. The baby doesn't pile on much weight til later, so no reason to think you should be gaining much at the moment. Just eat a normal healthy diet and your baby will be fine xx

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Wow that’s amazing with your little one. Thanks for your advice

I’m 20+1 and in my 1st 15 weeks I gained 3lbs. Like I said I’m 20+1 and in total have gained 10lbs. They say in 1st 3 months you will gain 2-4lbs, then 1lb every week. I wouldn’t worry too much, some people pile the lbs on where others don’t gain much at all. x


I had similar concerns as I'm 29+6 and have only gained 12lbs in total so far. I'd only gained a pound by 13 weeks, then it steadily rose and now it's levelled out. This week I actually lost nearly 2lbs even though my eating habits are the same! At both midwife appointments I was measuring spot on for my gestation and my bump is definitely growing, however, I mentioned the lack of weight gain to my midwife and she was not at all concerned. I think as long as your baby is growing, which is sounds like it is, then I don't think you have anything to worry about. Sadly, I seem to to be losing it from my backside!

If you lose or gain a lot of weight in a short space of time then it may be time to raise the alarm bells, but I think you're fine 😁 I know a few women who only gained a stone throughout their pregnancies and had healthy sized full term babies. Xx

I'm nearly 39 weeks and at last weigh in had still only gained a total of 12 lbs

I lost weight up until third trimester. My midwife says weight is not a good way to judge whether a pregnancy is healthy or not, so try not to worry x

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