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Sleeping on back

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Hello everyone

I am 25 weeks pregnant. Does anyone have any tips for preventing sleeping on your back? I go to sleep on my left but at some point at least once or twice in the night will wake on my back. Obviously I’ve no no idea how long I’m like that and would hope it’s not long - something always wakes me be it instinct (?) or needing the loo or something. I’ve always got a pillow behind me but it doesn’t really help. Any ideas!!?

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Hey WeeMrsH you coujd try getting on if the massive u shape pillows to sleep with, granted it takes up alot of space but my wife found it very helpful....


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I’ve got one - doesn’t really prevent it! 🤔

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I use a pregnancy pillow ( I have the sleep genii one but there are lots around). You can use them to help with breastfeeding/feeding after baby is born. Don’t worry if you end up waking up on your back- the most important is that you go to bed on your side.

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Thanks - yep got a pregnancy pillow. I guess it will be doing something but I still wake up on back. Thanks for the clarification x

Hi MrsH I had the BIGGEST U shape pillow when I was pregnant and still managed to get on my back 😂 I think as long as you go to sleep on your back and put yourself back on your back when you wake up you’ll be fine, it’s just like when your baby is here you’ll put them to sleep on their back and put them back on their back if they roll on to their side etc. Hope you are doing well xxxxx

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Thanks lovely

I didn't bother with the expensive maternity pillows. A cheap v shape pillow and spare bed pillows around the house supported me in the latter stages

I worried about this constantly when I was pregnant, not that you sound too worried just that I can relate in an extreme way. My widwives explained to me that as above posters have already said, as long as you go to sleep on your left, don’t worry about rolling onto your back. Once you’re further along and bump is bigger, you’ll likely find it almost impossible to turn any way at all in bed without waking anyway, and if you do somehow end up on your back, you’ll certainly wake!! Most ladies I know including myself get a funny head within seconds of lying flat on back whilst awake, and when asleep it must wake you within seconds ! Enjoy your pregnancy and congratulations xxxx

Also, if a partner is with you in bed - ask them to spoon you! That always helped me stay on my side, and it was lovely for him to feel bump kicking when the time came for that to start happening. As a pre advice - we invested in a decent memory foam mattress topper when I was about 34 weeks preggo because my hips were so painful from sleeping on my sides (mainly left obviously) - as I was always a belly sleeper pre pregnancy! So try finding ways to sleep on your side with a good bit of padding under your hip to get used to it xx

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Good advice thanks 💖

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