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Flu shot around newborn??


So my son is 14 weeks old and we had a visitor today who had just received their flu vaccine, my son currently sounds like he is getting a cold and now we're concerned and wondering if our visitor could have spread the virus to our newborn??? Please help...the visitor was not sick or visibly ill anyway but could the virus spread to our son since the visitor just received his shot??

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The flu vaccine doesn’t contain any live virus so anyone who gets the vaccine will not contract flu from the vaccine itself. The reason people can feel unwell after having a flu vaccine is from the inflammatory response of your bodies immune system and not from actually being contagious. There are loads of colds and bugs going round at this time of year unfortunately it’s impossible to avoid it! But to answer your question - no, the flu jab will not have made your son sick

Also it wouldn't have come on that quickly from your visitor. Flu and colds takes days to incubate before showing up


Vaccines are safe and you can not catch the illness the vaccine was for from someone recently vaccinated. You should be glad your HV is on top of her vaccinations as she will help provide herd immunity from the flu for your son until he is old enough to be vaccinated himself.

The only vaccination that has had cases of shedding is the oral rotavirus vaccine that they recieve at 8 and 12 weeks, and even then they would have to come into direct contact with the newly vaccinated's fecal matter and ingest it for it to pose a risk. And there have been no documented cases of it actually happening.

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