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15 weeks pregnant baby number 6


I had a hospital appointment today to speak to my health care team about this pregnancy, they have told me they will deliver this baby no later then 32 weeks due to all my previous problems, I had a c section with my now 20 month old daughter, my scar tore open as I delivered my twins naturally because of all the pressure, I was rushed to theatre to be re opened and stitched, I lost nearly 2liters of blood, I had 2 transfusions and was poorly for a while, I delivered the twins just 6 months ago so chances of my wound opening again are high as my tummy grows, I have other health issues that mean I am prone to early labour so its important we avoid that, all this means my baby will be in nicu for a while, anyone any experience with young babies at home and one in hospital, how did you juggle it all?

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Woah! That's a lot of babies you have there ❤️ Haha. I think this is a time you'll need to call on friends and family A LOT.! I have no experience with nicu, or twins, or babies so close together haha, but I wish you all the best x

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