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Faint line on test


Yesterday I took a test and a faint line appeared. Now I really want another baby. I already have 2 daughters. I'm scared I'm going to go through the same process as O did in my last pregnancy when I first found out. My last pregnancy I also had a faint line appear on my test. I had to go backwards and forwards to hospital for scans and to have my HCG levels monitored. I was told my levels were low and that I would probably have an ectopic pregnancy. Well a year and a bit later I have a healthy 1 year old! How do I overcome my worries? I don't think I can face all the testing and scans again. I've not told my OH about the positive test yet. We had a really bad Christmas 2016 left in limbo over our lg and I know if the same thing was to happen this time around I wouldn't be able to cope. Any advice on what I should do.

Thanks x

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Hey Hun sorry you feel so anxious about the what ifs and what you’ve experienced in the past ! If I was you I would book into your doctors and explain your fears ! I lost my twins last year had to have a d & C to remove them August last year . I am now 22 weeks pregnant and really happy I’m pregnant but also anxious and scared to enjoy it ! Get the docs to run a hcg level for you and check your urine. If after that you feel ready to talk to your partner. All the best xxx

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