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Trying for a baby


Hello looking for some advice I've had lletz treatment 3 weeks ago now due to abnormal cells on my smears the last 3 year's.

I spoke with my consultant regarding trying for s baby and he advised to stay on my pill as I was due to come off 2 days after the op so I carried on taking the 2nd packet and he said when this packet ends and I've had my normal period I can start trying.


Will I get a normal period

Were due on holiday in September and want to start trying then

I've got ovulation tests will they help

Thanks in advance


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When you come off the pill you might have normal periods you might not as coming off the pill can mess periods up but it might not. You should get a withdrawal bleed after you stop if its the combined pill. Everyone is different.

Ovulation tests, but is there any reason for the hurry, just try and relax and enjoy the process.

I would suggest starting folic acid supplements before you conceive (pre.pregnancy tablets).

Stacey01 in reply to roxannacar

Thank you for your reply.

I've been wanting a baby since the beginning of this year but things got put on hold due to my tests of abnormal cells.

We want the trying to start next month when we are on our holiday in Cyprus but I need a proper period first as not had one for over a month because of the delay and going straight onto the next pill packet with the operation and period never came.

Stacey01 in reply to Stacey01

Oh I am already taken folic acid thanks :)

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