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Colock and constipation

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My six week old baby is suffering from colock and constipation. I've been giving her infacol for a while and started trying colief as I was wondering if it was a lactase issue. She doesn't seem to be reacting very much to either, improvements are minor. I'm sure that it will hopefully make a difference soon. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get through it. I'm also going to try to have a chat with a health visitor.

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Sorry to hear about the colic. Just wondering, how do you know your baby is constipated? Are you breast feeding? If so then young babies can often go for a week without a poo.

Definitely talk to your health visitor if you're worried though x

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Well I don't actually know in honesty but she poos very infrequently and often seems to strain with out producing anything. I'm a first time mum and really unsure of certain ele

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Aspects of having a small baby

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Well young ones do pull some funny and surprising faces, that's for sure, so it may not be straining as much as just funny digestive feelings inside. Over the next few weeks it will become less about what's going on inside and more about what's going on outside. Visual focus improves and the wonderful smiles will start 😊 that really helps as you can tell a little bit more about how they're feeling. There are exciting times ahead!

If you're breastfeeding and getting plenty of wet nappies then I wouldn't worry about constipation. As ling as the poos are of normal consistency (slimey, yellow or greenish- you know the ones😉) when they do come then chances are all is well.

As for the colic, that will pass in time. with my second I was convinced he had colic but it turned out that he was just exhausted and wanted to go to bed! 🤣

These early weeks are all about getting to know each other and its always a bit worrying one way or another! A good thing to remember is that all these things are just stages and they all pass- just when you think you've got a handle on it, it's all change again! Motherhood is a roller coaster but it sounds you me like you're a great Mum already as seeking help and reassurance shows how much you care.

Please do check with your health visitor about any worries as I'm not a health professional! All the best, Christy x

Colic is actually a blanket term for discomfort or uncomfortable gassiness in babies. More often than not baby has tongue and lip ties that cause them to take in more air than normal when feeding, which leads to uncomfortable and painful gas. Your health visitor can point you in the direction of someone trained to identify them and get them corrected.

If you are breastfeeding, it is normal for baby to go up to 10 days without a bowel movement, breast milk is so tailor made to your babies needs that there is very little wastage. Dairy, or cows milk protein allergy, CMPA, is actually very rare, it affects less than 0.5% of babies and can only be diagnosed through blood and stool samples.

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She had a tongue tie but that was snipped. Thanks for the reassurance though both of you. She's actually had a few poos since I put up the initial post. She does do a few attempted poos as in there is a slight poo mark in her nappy, but she's getting there.

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If she had a tongue tie there is a very high chance her lip will be too, they go hand in hand. Also with snipping it can have quite a high chance of reattachment so if symptoms don't subside I would get it checked again by who ever did it.

I'm glad she managed to go, my son went 9 days when he was 6 weeks old, it's super worrying even when you know it's fine! Xx

Our son has colic and constipation. He was prescribed lactulose which did nothing.

He's bottle fed as I was too poorly to breast feed days after his birth. We swear by cow and gate colic and constipation milk! It's been a God send! X

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"babies magic tea" for constipated and colicky babies is an amzing cure. I'd have been trying literally everything under the sun to help my baby poop normally with no success. this herbal blend did magic for him to heal constiation.

I found mixed feeding was the issue (using both formula and breast milk) so I started to leave at least 2 hours between the different minks and it got better.

Also tummy massage helped my baby x

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