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What is wrong with me???


I'm going to try and make this quick or you could be reading all day.

Doctors have scanned, xray, blood test for diebites, thyroid, b12, arthritis, pregnancy, iron, and others I can't remember and all of them came back normal

Now I will list everything I've got:

Abdominal pains (like period pains but without the period)


Constant thirst

Fatigue all the time!

But then struggle to sleep

Muscle ache

Feeling sick


Reaccuring thrush

Weight gain

Shortness of breath

Heart palpitations

Mood swings

Joint pains.

Can someone please suggest something????

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Hi Hun these are a sign of depression unfortunately sometimes this is our body telling us to take time to our self . Has the doc given you anything for depression? X I only know this because a few years ago I went though most of what your saying turned out I was very down and depressed x

Hi yes I'm on the max dose of antidepressants. Sick to death of feeling like this :(

Bet you are Hun it could be the tablets too hunni x

I hope you get it sorted x

How long have you been without a period? Could possibly have PCOS. Most of what you have are symptomsof it. When you dont ovulate properly and dont have a period it messes with your whole body. Ask doctor to check for cysts on your ovaries and ask about PCOS? It'd be a place to start at least.

I was going to suggest PCOS too! This sounds similar to many of my PCOS symptoms. Unfortunately GP's aren't great at diagnosing (took over 9 years of me going back and forward to Dr). I eventually said that I would like to investigated/tested for PCOS and then got a diagnosis that way. I only asked because a friend had read a magazine article and suggested that may be what was causing my symptoms.

Endometriosis is a possibility to. Personal message me if you want more details x x

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