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Any positive birth stories?

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Hello lovelies!

I'm early pregnant and only at ten weeks, but the only birth stories I can find are all pretty much horror stories. I wasn't scared at all about the idea of birth, it's what our bodies are meant to do etc. But it seems like most people have severe tearing or emergency c sections... Is this the case for most mother's? I don't have many friends who have had babies yet but the ones who have have all ended up in emergency situations or had severe tearing.

Just wandering if anyone had a positive story or experience with birth?

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Aw hun you shouldn’t let it stress or worry you so early on in your pregnancy it will take away your enjoyment of being pregnant. I know it’s your first and abit anxious but it’s not that bad as if it was we wouldn’t go back and have more babies lol.

I am pregnant with baby number I have 3 daughters, they have all been different births & had two inducements and last two births pain relief free and first baby I had pethadine and a bit of gas and air, all my babies have been over 8lb and all natural delivery too. I had a scratch first delivery and a little one 3rd delivery but it healed itself. Some people do have bad experiences but everyone is different and there pain threshold too I have a high one but some have a low one. Doctors do what’s best for mum and baby and wouldn’t but you in any danger. I wouldn’t worry yourself at the moment hun your make yourself scared .

Congratulations I hope you enjoyed your pregnancy!!

Oh and some people love telling you their horror stories throughout pregnancy I’ve noticed that every time I’ve been pregnant but not put me off. Xxx

I wouldn’t listen to other people’s stories too much. People love sharing the horror stories or exaggerating the truth.

I ended up having a c section but it definitely wasn’t as bad as the stories I’ve heard and would definitely not be bothered about having another baby or c section xx

I’ve had 2 completely different births I’ll just tell you the easier one. I think the contractions are what’s painful not actually pushing or the actual birth part. 3 hours in hospital had gas and air and pethidine, pethidine is like your so relaxed then you can feel the contraction then all calm again. Pushed for about 3 mins and all over. No stitches felt pretty good. But I’d rather be fully prepared and know what it could be like as I wasn’t expecting my first birth with a back to back baby. Everyone’s different, pain threshold and actually birth are different. I don’t think people are trying to scare you it’s just their experience of their births.

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Thank you so much for your reply, it's not people scaring me it's just what people have told me even before I got pregnant. And online it's all horror stories! So thank you so much for the reassurance, I'm not sat fretting but it just seems there are no real stories out there that aren't about when things have gone wrong. So thanks so much for your reply xxx

My first was a bit harder ... but I was going out shopping by day 3 so not that bad ... no. 2 had a small tear but nothing much really and was back home within a few hours.

Despite having tears didnt have problems with them long terms and so worth it!

Hi Hannah! Congratulations on your baby! Like you I heard so many horror stories, so much things going wrong and with our first pregnancy everything is so scary al the time and they just push that insecurity that we already feel... I had a boy at 41w and had to be induced because I was to relaxed apparently, I had already 3cm dilation more than a week before and my baby was already in the head down position almost two months before birth.. as said, I had to be induced because I thought I had lost the plug but I hadn't and when I got to the hospital they sent me back home just to call me the next day to be induced.. I can tell you I had a easy one I think... had a few strong contractions but they gave me some sort of morphine and after that no pain, just the need to push and then after 3 hours that felt like 15 minutes I had a gorgeous little boy, no tearing at all and not even 24h after I was home with my little one...

I wish you luck! If you ever need to talk just send a message, I'm here practically everyday

Ive had two babies 8 years apart my first daughter 8 yrs ago I was 21 at the time I didn’t even know I was in labor at all I just felt off so I went to the hospital they said I was in labor I ended getting sick through my labor puking etc I didn’t notice my contractions. The nurses had to break my water once they did that I pushed for 28 mins then had my daughter I did get the epidural but only because she was pushing to come out before i was ready to. I had second degree tearing stitches get itchy but I just had epsom salt bathes to help and used tucks to help too

For my second daughter I had her June 2 2017 I also didn’t know I was in labor with her I felt off but I wait and started tracking the tightness in my tummy till finally it really hit that I was in labor lol but I was able to shower do my hair and make up then head to the hospital. I wasn’t Dilated enough to be admitted yet so she stretched my cervix and told me to go walk for an hr so I did and went back then bam my contractions got worse they actually made me cry at times but still not to bad I got the epidural with her and felt a lot better. They also had to break my water again with her. Once they did that I had her two hrs later and only 5 mins of pushing I didn’t tare at all with my second so no stitches were needed.

Giving birth is such a beautiful experience and you can never be prepared for how your labor will turn out. Just remember to breath and not tense up go in with an open mind

Google Ina May Gaskin

Loads of positive hypnobirthing videos on YouTube.

Your birth doesn’t have to have medical intervention, talk to a few doula and see if their services might help you. My sister had a doula at her second daughter’s home birth in a birthing pool, baby weighed 10lbs 2oz it was a beautiful birth. Xx

There are loads of resources out there - there are #positivebirth threads on instagram with stories, the positive birth company on facebook have a great and supportive group with people sharing positive stories and the Positive Birth Book has lots of useful advice and tips for any type of birth. Just have a dig around and you'll find tons of positive and inspiring ladies!

We also have a local NCT home birth group where people share their stories in person. I found them on facebook.

Hiya !

I had a C sec and it was such an amazing happy experience! Would have no worries doing it all again. In fact I’d love to do it all again.

It’s a bit sore for a couple of days afterwards and then everything is back to normal.😀

I have nothing negative to say about my experience at all only happy memories 😀

Good luck with it all and I bet you’ll enjoy it too xx

Hi darling congratulations! Don’t stress yourself listening to these stories, just enjoy your pregnancy. I won’t tell you it’s painfree, that would be a lie. However, people have different pain thresholds and midwives and doctors will do their best for you.

Personally, I had a pretty bad tear and I was in pain, but so what? Once you see your little one you forget everything. Regarding postpartum pain, it will be second priority, you will be so busy with the baby and you won’t have time to think about anything else.

So don’t think about it and enjoy your pregnancy! Xx

I had to be induced for my first baby but I had no pain relief and it was all over in a couple of hours! I had a second degree tear but had gas and air while being stitched and all healed up and well again within two weeks. My second baby I managed to get the water birth I wanted and used gas and air - again I had a second degree tear - all sewn up and healed again in two weeks. I always say that the birth itself is over so quickly in comparison all the wonderful (and challenging) times afterwards. Try to focus on the time after with your baby and don’t get too tied to your birth plan that way you’ll be less upset if things don’t go to plan. You’ll deal with whatever happens when it comes because you have to. X

The birth of my little boy was amazing, I found the contractions more painful than the actual birth and I have a very low pain threshold! I had a very small tear but it stopped bleeding really quickly so I didn't need any stitches. I had a quick sleep afterwards when I was taken to the ward and then felt completely normal and not at all like I'd just given birth! It's different for everyone but just try to keep calm about the thought of it and enjoy your pregnancy! I freaked out about the birth and it made it really stressful for me xx

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