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Trying to conceive


Hi everyone,

I have a question to ask if anyone else is or has been in my shoes. Me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now we both have been on tablets to help, lube stuff to help and nothing is working. I have a little girl that’s 3 now and we want to make our family bigger we have been trying and not trying just to see if not thinking about it will help, dose anyone have any advice to help us? Starting to give up now?☹️


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Maybe try ovulation tests?

We were trying for a year and a half and like you tryed everything......different positions, tables, the lube and the list goes on. We have no other children so was unsure if we had fertility problem so started the process of getting this checked out. Then without doing anything differently.....boom, missed a period. No idea why or what made us catch that month apart from maybe the fact that we relaxed and starting planning that IVF would have to be our option. Today I am currently 39+6 pregnant and patiently waiting our little girls arrival :) just keep going, it will happen, and tryou to enjoy the process :) .

P.s i bought ovulation tests but these were showing exactly the same as the app on my phone, so i found them a waste of money as my phone was very accurate on my ovulation dates. However my periods were very regular otherwise I might of found them more useful. Good luck

Been there 😁 I think the more

Pressure we put on TTC the harder it is

Take a step back, relax ; for me I

Lost weight and got pregnancy Flo app!

I have PCOS was told I couldn’t have anymore kids now baby 3 on its way after a 7 year gap of thinking we couldn’t have anymore

I agree with everyone. The changes I made were exercise, I lost half a stone and focused on passing my driving test. As soon as the stress was lifted it happened, and ovulation tests were a must!

We were trying for 13 months before we fell pregnant - and it's so frustrating, I get that! We tried it all too, pills, vitamins, lubes, the lot.. We used ovulation tests (which can get bloody expensive!) but stuck with them, but same as someone else commented, I found the app on my phone gave me the same-ish fertile days so probably was a waste of money.

After a year we went to see the GP for fertility testing - because this is our first I was terrified something was wrong with me! I had a blood test...10 days later, big fat positive! I think it was all due to stress and worry about not being able to get pregnant, that when I calmed down and knew we were taking steps to see what was going on, it just happened!

I think the more pressure you put on yourself, the harder it is.. But problem being, every month that goes by you will always have that heavy heart feeling that it hasn't happened. Try and relax, see your GP if you'd like peace of mind, and good luck :) x

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