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Tailbone pain


Today as I was getting out of my step dad’s car I got bad pain in tailbone. I am now struggling with sitting down and standing up. I have tried frozen peas and paracetamol but they are not really helping. Luckily I am going to my 20 week scan today but I am going to ask the midwife but I was wondering if anyone can suggest anything to help with the pain.


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Hi Lauren. I am 25 weeks pregnant and have been suffering with coccyx pain since about 16 weeks- mainly when I am sat down, and sitting/ standing is really painful.

I raised it with my midwife at 16 weeks who said it is most likely to do with pelvic girdle pain (due to everything moving and getting bigger for the baby) and I was referred to physio. I had my first group session which gave a few tips (I have a coccyx pillow for work now), and was advised to walk regularly, but I am still suffering so I need to book back in for some more sessions.

I don't think it is anything to worry about, but it is really uncomfortable so I'd definitely have a chat with your midwife and see if she can recommend anything.

Sorry that's probably not much help! Hope you find some comfort soon!

Amy xx

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