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Am I pregnant?


So around the 21st May last month me and my boyfriend were having sex and it wasn’t protected and just before he came he took it out and as soon as he did, he came. Ever since then i’ve been scared about being pregnant , no signs of my period starting yet. My period normally comes around the 15/16th but i usually experience a lot before hand. I had sex after my period so would that mean it’s more likely? I’m 16 years old and i’m shitting it, i don’t want a baby and i am far too scared to talk to my gp or a health clinic or even get a pregnancy test and somebody i know may be there. I genuinely am worrying about it so much. I’ve had no nausea, i’m always tired so no difference, i have tender breast because i usually do a week before my period. i just don’t know what to do if i miss it!! i’m so scared

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The only way to be sure is to do a pregnancy test. If it's negative I would suggest using some form of contraception going forwards if you don't want to get pregnant, which you'll be able to get from your local family planning clinic for free. Good luck x

Your period dates would change every month depending on the cycle length do u use a app to calculate when your next due? Tbh there’s nothing u can do right now the deed is done you have to face the consequences. If your period is missed take a test if it’s positive get yourself down to the doctors or family planning and discuss your options, tell your mum or someone you trust it may be hard but hopefully will support your decision. Your 16 your responsible for your body your sexuality active use contraception in future don’t be frightened or ashamed family planning has under 25 clinics were u can get free condoms just by showing a card no questions. Also they do sti checks which should be done if your having unprotected sex. Good luck fingers crossed your not pregnant.

I know this is a big deal for you, particularly at your age. You obviously know that you can get pregnant even using the 'pull-out' method of contraception. However, I think it's important that you don't get too worked up about it. Stressing about the possibility of being pregnant can make you miss your period which in turn stresses you out even more. As others have advised, you should wait until you have missed the period and then get a pregnancy test.

I think that if you and your boyfriend don't want children right now then it's really important to use proper contraception. Or even two forms so that you are really at ease. When I was your age, not only was I taking the contraceptive pill, but I also used condoms every time with NO exception. It's definitely worth having the motto - No protection, No entry. This will mean you can relax during sex and enjoy it more. It will also more importantly keep you free from sexual infections and diseases. The last thing you want is chlamydia which can affect your future fertility.

I'm not going to recommend you abstain from sex since I don't think that's realistic or helpful. However, I will advise you to be smarter about it. Also, if your boyfriend, or any other sexual partner tells you that they don't want to use a condom because it doesn't feel as good, then they don't value you and your well-being as much as they should and I would say that perhaps you should reconsider if they are someone you want to have sex with at all. For your own sake, insist on those condoms - they are free from the family planning clinic or even your school nurse.

You could also ask about STI testing at a GUM clinic. Just to give yourself reassurance that you're also free from disease.

Good luck with it all and let us know!

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