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Effects of coming off cerelle

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Hi All, me and my partner decided that after being on a contraceptive implant for a year we would come off this and start taking cerelle. After a few days I took the pill as normal but after a few weeks of me forgetting we decided we would both like to have another baby.

I have been off contraception for almost 2 months and I am having the weirdest side effects, my breasts are sore and heavy, Im craving weird foods, my sex drive has increased and im all around happier but im also bloated and exhausted. I went to the doctors as due to the implant I havent bled for an entire year but have recently spotted, there was a chance I could have been pregnant but after 7 tests and all negative we were told these were just side effects.

Has anyone else had this happen? A part of us hopes that after a few weeks we may find a positive pregnancy test but we dont want to be testing if this is purely normal side effects from coming off cerelle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is what I was on before falling on with my little one I was so much happier when I came off it sex drive was though the roof haha 😂

Boobs hurt did 4 test came on then month later I found out i was infact 5 weeks pregnant so had a light bleed which I thought was a period but obviously not. Saying that I had periods with all three of my Baby’s good luck xx

It's entirely possible you are pregnant but i would wait a week or so before starting to test, as if you have a low hormone level early on then it might not show up on tests as easily. If you really want to buy an early detection PINK dye one as they are better i found than the blue ones, if that still comes up negative using first urine of morning then wait another week and test again.

It could be pregnancy or it could be your body reacting to the change in hormones.

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