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Am I pregnant

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I posted here a few days ago about the same thing. I’m just looking for more advice. It’s been 8 days now since I had unprotected sex. On Sunday I noticed a brown mark when I wiped and I didn’t take much notice of it. Today when I wiped i had lime green discharge. There wasn’t a lot and it was a snot like consistity (sorry for the tmi) I don’t think it’s an infection as I’m not sore there and there was no smell of the discharge. I also had faint brown marks on toilet paper. Could i be pregnant?

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No one here will be able to tell you if you are or aren’t pregnant, a lot of early pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same as those you'd get pre menstruation. You’re going to have to wait until your period is due and take a test. If you’re worried about any symptoms (unusual discharge is something you should keep your eye on) go see your GP.

Hi Hun have you taken a test yet ? That could be implantation bleeding it’s also brown so old blood ! Xx

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No I havnt taken a test yet AF is due in 4 days so I’m just going to see if it shows up and if it dosnt I’ll take a test. It was the lime green discharge that had me wondering as I had never had that before xx

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Ok well await period out for test but for discharge with being unusual you can book a gp appointment! Good luck xx

As Bexicles said.

You don't have to be sore to have an sti ... most sti actually have no symptoms what so ever. So if you had unprotected sex with someone who you're not sure might have a sti or not and you're having green discharge I would most certainly get checked out

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Second this - green discharge from anywhere in the body tends to be infection.

Prob not pregnant, like above green discharge is not normal may not be sti but and infection of some kind should get it checked out.

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The unusual discharge I had was only a tiny bit and I’ve had none since so I don’t think it’s from infection.

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I don’t really know what you were hoping from people by writing this post - people have tried to advise you but you seem to have an answer that you want. If you do conceive from the unprotected sex you had 8 days ago then even your body won’t know yet so I don’t know how you expect people over the internet to know! There is a high risk you have an sti but you don’t seem willing to get checked out, if you do get pregnant this will put your baby at risk but whatever you do is ultimately your choice. The only way you will k ow if you get pregnant from this is to wait a few weeks and take a test. You won’t have any symptoms yet as it wouldn’t have even implanted.

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I agree! If you have had unprotected sex, unless it was with a long term partner that you're in a relationship with, then you really should get tested. You really don't know who what that person is. I've done it before and had to get checked, it's just the most sensible thing to do after unprotected sex and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Take care of yourself x

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Lol not who what that person is.. What that person has! It may also just be some imbalance like BV which you'd still need antibiotics for!

Stis sometime don’t even have any stytoms I’d have that checked as soon as you can. I was with my ex for 3 years and a year of that he infected me with a sti and I never knew till he finally confessed and it caused damage to my ovaries I had no sytoms nothing. Discharge could be Bv sometimes coursed from too much washing down bellow with soap I’m guessing this is probably what you have done after having unprotected sex ?

If your preganant Congregations if it’s something you’ve wanted and planned but if not learn from this and get on something and until you know this man hasn’t got anything use a condom.

You think you know someone and I’m sorry it’s not always the case thankgod I’ve been able to have kids and pregnant at the mo but it could of been a total different story . X

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