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Tired all the time

Hi please can someone help me . I am always tried and I sleep at night good but I am always tried . Like have not slept in mouths that how I am feeling all the time . I have been like this for some months now . I jut put it down to being stressed after I had a miscarriage but I am not feeling stressed now about it . And another problem is I can't stop eating but not putting on any weight . Is there anything I can do .I should not be tried all the time I only work part time and I am 19 years of age . Thanks

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Sounds like you should discuss with your gp.

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I agree with Roxanna, because there are so many possible causes. Has anyone ever commented on how you breathe when you're asleep? I was constantly tired, my life literally became a process of waiting until the next time I could fall asleep. I was terrified I had all kinds of awful things. When I told my GP that my daughter said that I repeatedly stop breathing whilst apparently asleep, they did tests that identified sleep apnoea. Now I have a CPAP machine and my life back! I spend the whole day awake, it's fantastic 😁

Vitamin/mineral deficiencies can cause constant tiredness as can depression, the wrong mattress, thyroid problems, other hormonal difficulties... as well as the smaller possibility of more sinister things that may well be why you haven't already visited your GP. So go.

Just in case, IF it were to be apnoea and a CPAP machine the answer - join a support group. There are loads of them, virtual and real world. I would never have made it through the first couple of months without the help, advice and solidarity they provided.

Good luck, I hope you soon sleep soundly and wake up to enjoy the day x

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Thanks I am going to go and see my gp now . No one has never sed anything about me when I am a sleep . And wow I never heard of CPAP . It not a nice feeling being so tried all the time and not wanting to do anything because I am so tried thanks


I would guess the same as Claire, either thyroid, anemia or sleep anepa. Defo get blood checked. Best of luck.


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