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Stressful boss / can I take leave early

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Hi ladies, any advice please. I’m 36 weeks pregnant this week and due to be going on maternity leave at 38 weeks, I was quite new to the role and didn’t want to request leave too early also wanted to work as far as I could. The last two weeks my boss has been making my life hell literally everything I do is wrong and will send emails and calls picking it out when before the same things were fine. I’ve stood up for myself and questioned things but as the days are going on I’m so tired I dont have the energy it’s a daily battle! He is 100% doing it on purpose. I have requested some holiday so I finish earlier. What can I do if he says no? It’s really stressing me out x

9 Replies
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Hi I suppose it depends on how strict the policies are when you work but I think there has to be leeway with pregnancy. Just tell him the pregnancy is taking it’s toll on you and you want to start maternity earlier if not get a sick note get them 2 weeks off then start your maternity then. What if you went into labour early you would be off then anyway I think they have to be flexible.

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They can decline your holiday but you are allowed to take maternity leave anytime from 29 weeks!

Also if you are ill (pregnancy related) after week 36, your employer can put you on maternity leave early so no reason why u can't go on maternity leave early yourself. . Especially if you are very tired or in pain or can't stand or sit for long x

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Thank you both, I just don’t want to go on maternity as need to save as much before baby arrives so taking holiday is ideal. However if he says no I can’t carry on with this stress x

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You can start mat leave whenever now. I ended up finishing at 36 weeks due to SPD and exhaustion. I was planning on finishing at 38. In the end, we were induced at 38 weeks and had our boy 2 weeks early so you never know what may happen. It is only 2 weeks which I know is a lot but stress can bring on early labour xx

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Thank you. Yeah if it’s a no I think I will see my midwife and doctor as health has to be number one plus I don’t want to be stressed right up until he is here :( x

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I would have a read of your policies... depends what your leave policy says, my work would want 6 week notice for holidays. You can start Mat leave after 29 weeks I believe but you might have to give notice too. As for sick leave I would check the policy too because if you take pregnancy related sick leave after 36 weeks it might trigger off your Mat leave. Anyways if worse comes to worse it's two weeks, with a bank holiday this weekend... try and focus on baby being here soon

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Thank you and good idea. He has allowed a week so have one week left with the bank hol! I have always been a hard worker with lots of energy but never knew how much the last stage of pregnancy can tire you out.. it’s the broken sleep too I think which makes you feel groggy in the morning. Body preparing for the baby I guess! Can’t wait to be waking up now to my baby instead of work politics and emails! Everyone says motherhood is the best job in the World :)

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Claire2225 is amazing for everything you need to know about your rights in the workplace whilst pregnant and on maternity leave 😊

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I will check it out thanks. X

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