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2 missed Period, preg symptoms, 3 negative test!! HELP!


I am 20 years old I've missed 2 periods!! Have done 3 clear blue test all come back neg. I have been spotting when I first missed my period then it has stopped from then on i have been having ALOT of watery discharge no smell. And been also cramping feeling nauseous it comes and goes also my breast tend to itch here and then. I went to see my doc 2 weeks ago when I missed my first period and reckons it's irregular period and I should not be worried but my periods have ALWAYS been on time every month no matter what. Has anyone been through this and still be preg?

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I would do another test cheap one from asda, tesco or pound land. I heard that clear blue tests often come negative when you're actually pregnant. I missed one period only, did cheap test from asda and came out positive.


Ahh is it common for clear blue to give a false negative? I took a cheap one which said positive and then clear blue which said negative... have to now wait for doctors test results on Tuesday 🤞🏽


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