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Lack of sleep is driving me insane

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My LB is 6 months this week. His lack of sleeping is really getting to me. At first I thought he was going through a leap but it’s been going on for about 2 months now I’m worried it’s habit.

We co sleep always have done.

He feeds (dream feeds ) literally on and off all

night. Seems to start crying for boob every hour.

Together with that he thrashes around arms and legs everywhere. ( what does this mean?!)

None of us are getting any sleep any help/ ideas / advice would be much appreciated.

We have a cot at the bottom of our bed to try and start him sleeping in there but he’s cried every time he’s put in.

I’m going to book a doctors appointment but not sure if it’s normal or not really.

Many thanks in advance.

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Have you started him on some solids yet?

Just starting to. Will this help ?

Definitely. Sounds like he’s not satisfied. Try the powdered baby porridge before his nighttime bath then give him his night feed as usual. Try him with break lunch and dinner too. They tend to like the sweeter stuff to start like fruit purée mixes etc, just experiment. If he pulls a face of disgust don’t presume he hates it it’s just a whole new world to them! Have fun with it. Hopefully you’ll see a change in sleep at night.

I’m terms of thrashing about, could he be a bit warm? My baby tends to do this if he’s too warm or wants his nappy changing.

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on x

Thanks so much for this 😀I will try all you’ve suggested xx

Pleasure, hope you get some sleep soon. Also make sure you nap in day when he’s sleeping. I do if I’m feeling really tired, don’t worry about housework etc xx

Aww thanks so much for the reassurance

Sounds like a normal baby to me 😱 my daughter is almost 6 months and she's the same wants the boob every hour or so but not cause she's hungry ... been trying a dummy which sometimes does the trick ... it's probably a sleep association need the boob to sleep

I'll be doing sleep training in June (would sooner but will be abroad and need to move toddler to big bed first!) ... made all the difference with my first who was the same.

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Can i ask what sleep training you used?? My LG is nearly 13 months and still doesn’t go all the way through I have tried everything but nothing seems to be working not sure when it’s time to speak to the HV or get a sleep trainer in! Xx

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You ask health visitor, I bought a couple of books of Amazon. Different methods used. A sleep trainer will cost a pretty penny so I'd try get a book first. The baby whisperer was one mentioned here with food reviews.. I had got one from the millipond centre

Thanks for reply 😀yes kind of what I thought . He hates the dummy!

With sleep training do you mean moving to cot on their own? How do you plan to go about it ?

Thanks x

I'm waiting a while only because I need to first move toddler in her new room (once I finish painting her room!!) and will be away for a couple of week end may-June so will wait as every time we go away sleep get patterns get disrupted. There are non cry methods and cry methods ... i think both hard in their own way. I def recommend trying to read around it tho

I hate to be one of those that says rubbish comments but my little girl is nearly 13 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night- I can count on two hands the times she has slept all the way through - hard I know. But just know you are not alone and will get through it 🙌🏻

Try solids, maybe baby rice before bed may help. Thinking of you! Xx

Thanks for this 😊I knew it really

And yes I will start to try food as one of the last feeds

Thank you x

I’m 39 and I don’t sleep through the night, pregnant/baby/or neither 😂

I don’t either ! Think that’s part of the problem ! x

I co sleep also my daughter is 10 months she feeds on and off all night long I feel your pain I get so tired so I always nap when she naps through the day as she will sleep in her swing for naps, but when my daughter would wake up like that I would burp her the. She would fall back to sleep

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beccy100_p in reply to Joey89

Thanks for reply. Yes it is hard

I spoke to a doctor friend and he said it can go on for 18 months until babies are more independent. There’s nothing wrong with them. I guess we are stuck with it for a while 😔

There is a little purple book- The baby sleep guide! It will help I promise!

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I’ve looked at different sleep aid books

Non have worked at all I’m starting to think they are a complete waste of money and way of the author making a lot of money out of desperate mummies!😢 I’ll have a look though

Thanks x

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SophieB90 in reply to beccy100_p

I totally get where you're coming from. This one is just a really short and easy to read guide and makes you take a step back and go back to basics. I had my first night last night of not having to settle my 6 month old once. He went to bed at 7 and didn't wake until 7 this morning!

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Right that’s sold it to me !

I’m going to try it 😀

Thank you

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SophieB90 in reply to beccy100_p

Good luck! Totally feel your pain!! X

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beccy100_p in reply to SophieB90

I’ll let you know xx

It’s normal. Is the thrashing about because he’s in pain? Tummy ache, trapped wind, needing a poo, teething? If you’ve just started weaning it might be his tummy is struggling to digest the food.

Sounds like you’re a gentle mummy, trying to respond to your baby’s needs, you’re doing an amazing job. Other gentle mummies I know recommend “The No Cry Sleep Solution” for understanding what’s normal and help with gently getting baby to sleep more at night.

Good luck x

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Thanks for this I’ll have a look 😀

Yes you’re right I could never do the cry it out method no matter how bad it gets!

No he’s not in pain I don’t think.

Think he’s trying to walk or move something !


Just want to put it out there (may be unpopular here!).. we went down the harsh route with my daughter and followed Gina Ford (a bit). We put her in her cot in her own room when she was six months and on solids. We then removed night feeds one by one (the dream feed was the last to go) and did controlled crying when she woke to feed in the night. She didn’t need the food, it was just a combination of routine waking and comfort. By 7 months she was sleeping through 12 hours (7-7) and still does today at 14 months. Lots of people hate Gina Ford and letting your baby cry and it was tough but it worked and it worked quickly! Xx

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I wish I could do this but I just can’t xx

Thanks for your honesty .

I’ve heard it does work from a couple of friends. I’m just not sure I could do it!

Just don’t think I could listen to him crying and not go to him. 5 - 10 minutes ok but more than that is hard for me .

In a way I wish I could do it as I’m pretty convinced it will work.

We put him in his own cot last night (still in our room but may move it to his room over the weekend) and he was better. Didn’t disturb us or us him.

Baby steps for me I think!


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Yeah its all about what’s best for you both and what you’re most comfortable with. It is stressful listening to them cry. we tried all the nice ones first...shhh pat/ pick up, put down etc and they just didn’t work. Not having their food source and nice milky smell by them when they sleep will probably help. I told my partner it would be like sleeping right by a pizza and taunting him by not letting him eat it! 😂 I missed her like crazy when she moved out though! Can’t win!

Good luck! Xx

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Hehe! You’re right

And yes missing him will be part of the problem : (

Thanks again xx

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