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I had my baby 5 monhs ago. I had an episiotomy which initially got better. I had an endoscopy 2 days ago as I am still incontinent.

This included a vaginal scan (internal) and perineal scan. My episiotomy scar really hurts again.

Any advice?

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Bless you, that sounds horrible. I’ve had two episiotomies and can still feel the scar from the second one which was done 4 years ago, sometimes it gets aggravated and is then uncomfortable - not painful but not like normal skin. Unfortunately I think that’s how scar tissue is, it’s nowhere near as bad as 4 years ago. Maybe use a mini ice pack wrapped in kitchen towel to ease the discomfort, don’t put it directly on the skin? You can get ones that go in your knickers, my friend gave me some when I had my son, they were amazing.

I hope they sort out your pelvic floor and stop the incontinence. Xxx

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