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Frustrated, few symptom of signs of pregnancy but test negative

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Hi I’m new on here. My last period was 23 January 2018, my cycle is anywhere between 31 - 45 days. I took my second lot of Clomid on days 3 - 8. I had spotting once last week when I went to the toilet and none since. For a week and a half I’ve been feeling nauseous on and off and all when I try to have something to eat.

I’m alsorted getting twinges in my low stomach on and off and I feel nauseous then too. Other symptoms are hot flushes and some days constipated. I did a test today later tonight and it was negative, I’m around 1-2 weeks late if I’ve fallen. Is there anychance I could possibly be pregnant and the hcg not strong enough for a positive, I’ve also had tests at the hospital on and off last year and my gyno said I have low progesterone level. Feeling not my self. Has any one had the same symptoms, please help

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Hun I think you should test the first thing in the morning as your urine is less diluted and in early pregnancy is hard to detect after drinking throughout the day ! I say test again in the morning and see that result fingers crossed for you. Xx

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Also take vitamins like c and d and folic acid xx

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Hi Hun, I’ve been taking vitamin D, and folic acid for over two years, juice plus vitamins and multi juice plus omega, and I’m on iron tablets too of the doctor. I’m 48 years old and so so want a baby with my new husband of three years. I have older children to a previous marriage two with Clomid and one natural. If it come back negative what should I do keep testing or go to the doctors in a week or so if period doesn’t show and symptoms persist xxx

Oh and for the last

Two months vitam B6 as I’ve read it help with progesterone levels ? Xxx

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Did another test when I got up after my night shift and it was neg again, has brown spotting too xx

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I would go to your gp now Hun as one these tests can cost a bomb and also they might do a blood test for you xx

If in a week or so your still getting negatives and nonperiod go see your Dr a blood test will be more accurate hun

Just went to the loo brown spotting look like I may be not, few niggle pains ..... see how today goes , thank you for your advice 😊xx

Also just done another test when I got up and it was negative xx

One of the first signs of pregnancy is larger, rounder breasts. Your significant other would know your body best. If your progesterone was low and you are having hot flashes, you could test your hormone levels: progesterone and luteinizing hormone. That would narrow down the cause. Good luck!

Just started tonight quite heavily too, 😪

Started bleeding 1 am yesterday morning thought af had come then hardly a thing during the day and in to today as I’m night shift just wanting to to to the loo more and started feeling sick on and off again, I don’t know what’s gonna no on xx

Still feeling nauseous and stomach worling not slept much through the night tossed and tired till 1.45 am, I’m two weeks and a few days late, late test I did was last week on Thursday, should I wait till this Thursday to test again, I had bleeding early hours Friday

Morning and stoped later that same day none since looked like AF Appeared but stop that day. Any advised please xxx

Go see your doctor & see what they say

What were the results? I’m feeling the same way with 7 days late of my period and my test was negative.

I’m 9 weeks late, Thursday I woke up of my night shift and had really bad pain in my lower stomach on and off and bad back pain. Thursday into early Friday morning again had red blood then nothing, Friday afternoon I rang the doctors for blood results to see what it was the receptionist said it was negative, but still not come on, have I ovulated late, could I still be pregnant but the hcg hormones are not strong enough to show up, I will Waite another week then go see my doctor, my head is all over not knowing what to do

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